31 May 2018

UiPath and Digital Workforce Partner to Offer Customers Extensive RPA Services from Cloud

31 May 2018

UiPath and Digital Workforce Partner to Offer Customers Extensive RPA Services from Cloud

UiPath has partnered with Digital Workforcethe leading robotics services company in the Nordics, to further expand business and operations in the Nordics. In this partnership, which began in May, Digital Workforce offers UiPath technology for organizations that have selected UiPath as their RPA tool. UiPath’s enterprise-grade RPA-solutions are now available across all Digital Workforce’s offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Poland.

The software robot revolution is going strong in the Nordic countries. The utilization of RPA to get rid of manual knowledge work routines and free up people for more purposeful work has expanded from the financial sector to the public sector, municipalities, healthcare, industrial companies and retail. Most commonly robotics is used in functions, such as finance and accounting, operations and customer service.

Anand Nagwani, UiPath Vice President, EMEA, Partnerships, said:

The Nordic region is a key focus for UiPath as we continue to grow throughout Europe. In partnership with Digital Workforce, we will introduce more organizations to the power of RPA and to dramatically improve business productivity, compliance and customer service across back-office and front-office operations. Not only will our solutions help companies become digital businesses faster, but it will also help them gain a valuable advantage on the path to AI.

Jukka Virkkunen, one of the co-founders and partners, at Digital Workforce, said:

Since the founding of Digital Workforce in 2015 we have seen the RPA market develop and mature in the Nordics. UiPath technology continues to evolve rapidly offering many unique benefits, such as specific solutions for front-end automation and free trials. Our services are based on the market-leading and robust technologies, and we are thrilled to now provide UiPath from our Digital Workforce industrialized robot as a service platform both on private cloud and Azure. Simultaneously with the cloud development, we have invested heavily in developing UiPath competence throughout our organization.

Digital Workforce has automated over 500 processes and is the market-leading robotics company in the Nordics. The company has a strong foothold in the financial sector and is now rapidly expanding its customer base in healthcare, public sector, and other knowledge-intensive large organizations.  Two dozen RPA professionals are currently in the final stage of UiPath certification, and the first customer agreements have already been signed.

by Anna Ghica

TOPICS: partnership

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