17 April 2019

UiPath Foundation Activities Continue to Promote and Improve Social Impact

17 April 2019

UiPath Foundation Activities Continue to Promote and Improve Social Impact

The announcement made by Daniel Dines, Co-founder and CEO of UiPath, at the UiPath Together in Paris yesterday, regarding the company's commitment to donate 1 million euros for the restoration work of the Notre Dame Cathedral, reflects the values of the company, which is constantly developing initiatives with a global social impact.

“We are all aware that tragedy hits in every corner of the world, and UiPath is a global company with a desire to contribute to a better future for every citizen of the planet,” Daniel Dines said in Paris.

UiPath has made significant investments in education initiatives - through the UiPath Academy hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from and will continue to receive free access to automation training, to help them with the reality of the digital world we are already living in.

Through the Academic Alliance program, UiPath has extended its collaboration with schools and universities around the world to provide pupils and students from all social backgrounds with educational tools that will prepare them for the automated workplace of the near future.

Alongside these projects, as an independent initiative, since 2018 UiPath has made a commitment to provide long-term support to children at risk of poverty in Romania and India.

Through the UiPath Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by UiPath Romania, the company will support children from poor communities in Romania and India towards a better future through access to quality education with technology support. The Foundation's budget for 2019 is $2 million (60% provided by UiPath and 40% from a private donation by company founders).

A team of professionals led by Raluca Negulescu is coordinating the implementation of the first Foundation project, which incorporates an integrated approach to tackling the needs of children affected by poverty. This initiative will be scaled globally.  

In 2019, 140 children aged 11-16 from underprivileged families in Bucharest, Cluj, Galati and Vaslui counties in Romania, will receive integrated support packages (scholarships, educational materials, medical services, clothing and food) to access educational programs aimed at preparing them for the future. By 2025, the Foundation aims to positively impact the lives of 500,000 children.

In parallel, we continue to be aware of and supportive in crisis situations that occur in each of the regions where UiPath is present. Over 2,500 professionals work for UiPath - in 32 offices in 20 countries.

by Georgeta Gheorghe

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