2 April 2019

UiPath Joins AmCham EU to Improve Collaboration with European Institutions for the Future of the Workplace

2 April 2019

UiPath Joins AmCham EU to Improve Collaboration with European Institutions for the Future of the Workplace

UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, is today announcing it has become a member of the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU).

While being aligned to AmCham EU’s priority areas (education, inclusion, sustainable development, research and innovation among others), the move has been prompted by the strategic importance of the EU market to the global operations of UiPath. In fact, more than a third of the company’s employees are working for its 18 Europe-based offices.

Working with other members of AmCham EU on topics such as Digital Economy, Future of Work, Education and Skills, and Gender Initiatives, UiPath will deepen its local and regional efforts to create jobs, increase automation skills, and empower people of all ages for the fully-automated workplace.

As part of its mission to democratise RPA, UiPath has recently launched UiPath Academic Alliance, a global programme that will serve more than one million students and one thousand schools in the next three years. University students, educators, and also elementary and middle-school students will have access to automation solutions, and teaching resources to ensure the young generation is competitive and will thrive in the workplace of the future.

Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President of Global Learning at UiPath, said:

Automation is a global phenomenon that will create ripples of change both on our jobs, and society at large. We take it at heart to be the leaders of the digital revolution, but also to be responsible for preparing the future workforce alongside local and regional governments. We are excited to join the ranks of AmCham EU who acts as a facilitator for an improved interaction between the business class and European institutions.

AmCham EU speaks for American companies committed to Europe on trade, investment and competitiveness issues. It aims to ensure a growth-orientated business and investment climate in Europe. Aggregate US investment in Europe totalled more than €2 trillion in 2018, directly supports more than 4.8 million jobs in Europe, and generates billions of euros annually in income, trade and research and development.

by Anna Ghica

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