11 October 2018

New UiPath Partner Innovator Awards Recognize Partner Commitment to Put Automation First with Customers

11 October 2018

New UiPath Partner Innovator Awards Recognize Partner Commitment to Put Automation First with Customers

If you ask what motivates me, I’ll answer: doing things better and acting fast to make a real difference with customers, partners, and employees. Rarely do we do what we do for the recognition. But, if we’re being honest, it definitely feels good when we get it and even better when we give it!


Awards matter. They set the bar for what success looks like and recognize achievements that constantly raise that bar. That’s why we created the UiPath Partner Innovator Awards for global, regional and technology partners in the Americas. These new awards recognize and honor partners who clearly demonstrate a commitment to be bold and deliver innovative RPA solutions to help their customers put automation first to accelerate business outcomes and prepare for the work of the future. These partners also further the mission to democratize RPA by educating enterprises on the power of automation, by making it more accessible across business functions across the enterprise, and by setting a path to AI for their customers. To be considered for the UiPath Partner Innovator Awards, a partner’s success has addressed an unmet customer need, seized an opportunity in a new market or industry, or showcased originality, innovation, and thoughtfulness in its design execution.

We announced the new partner awards and honored the winners last week in Miami, where nearly 500 UiPath business and technology partners gathered together for the first-ever UiPath Partner Forward Americas event. We also shared some really exciting news, including our $20M investment in a Venture Innovation Fund, focused on speeding technology integration, and an Acceleration Fund, focused on accelerating go-to-market activities, Technology, and Business Partner Programs that outline the benefits and requirements to do business with UiPath, and the launch of UiPath Go!, an open marketplace for automation and AI. 


Our focus is to accelerate everything together with our partners

For undertaking what we believe may be the largest digital transformation project in history in the US, essentially disrupting the professional services industry, the 2018 UiPath Global Partner Innovator Award – Americas went to PwC, who is upskilling their US workforce with key digital skills, including RPA, to enable their employees to deliver world-class insights to their clients. This initiative will expand their capacity by millions of staff-hours per year, leading the organization into new territories of efficiency and serving as a catalyst for cultural change. Henri Leveque received the award on behalf of the PwC team.

One of our most spirited go-to-market partners, who works closely with us, business partners, and customers to accelerate digital transformation and drive customer success is ABBYY. ABBYY received the 2018 UiPath Technology Partner Innovator Award  for the tight integration of their FineReader and FlexiCapture engines and full FlexiCapture Distributed platform. Together, we enable advanced solutions for customers and partners to capture, extract and action information using artificial intelligence and the UiPath platform. Thanks to Neil Murphy, Paula Sanders, Daneen Storc and the rest of the ABBYY team.

“ABBYY is focused on delivering Content Intelligence from business critical information hidden in documents. Receiving this award from UiPath is exciting for ABBYY and is indicative of the great synergy that exists between our offerings to help drive an Automation First strategy.” Neil Murphy, Vice President, Head of Global Business Development ABBYY

Last but not least, the 2018 Regional Partner Innovator Award went to Accelirate. I’m sure you’ve heard of P90X – the exercise program that gets you into shape in 90 days? Well, this summer, Accelirate announced RPA90X- its Automation Accelerator program. This program is designed to get a company's automation initiatives “in shape” by identifying the right processes to show immediate return of staff-hours back to the business. In addition to this great new program, Accelirate is an active marketer with UiPath and is running several very successful UiPath RPA implementations. Most notably, Accelirate turned a client from platform selection and implementation to a fully operational RPA Center of Excellence with over 65 robots in production in less than one year. Thanks to Ahmed Zaidi, Matt Gallo and team from Accelirate.


“Accelirate helps companies get real results from process automation by educating, evaluating, and executing all things RPA. Thank you to UiPath for recognizing our innovative, go-to-market strategy and for partnering with us to provide their industry-leading software that accelerates RPA and AI with our customers.” Matt Gallo, Chief Sales Officer Accelirate

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and thanks to all of our amazing partners for their outstanding performance this year. We are truly humbled by your partnership and your innovation!

by Janette Hausler

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