2 July 2018

UiPath Partners with AbacusConsulting to Offer Customers RPA Services

2 July 2018

UiPath Partners with AbacusConsulting to Offer Customers RPA Services

UiPath today announced that it has partnered with AbacusConsulting, the leading consulting company that offers disruptive technologies and business solutions to global clients, to help businesses achieve accelerated automation with operational efficiencies and improved Return on Investment (ROI).


This partnership, which began earlier this year, will help AbacusConsulting to combine its digital transformation capabilities with UiPath’s RPA platform to empower businesses in Pakistan and the Middle East to design automation strategy from the ground-up, identify processes to be automated and optimised, and build and deploy scalable robotic workforces.


By partnering with UiPath, AbacusConsulting will enable clients to complete routine tasks – including HR, Financial Processes and Customer Care – with optimal agility. By delegating these processes to a virtual digital workforce of software robots, company employees will be able to focus on more strategic, creative and customer-facing initiatives.


Abbas Khan, MD, AbacusConsulting said:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is without a doubt the best starting point for today’s enterprises for their journey into Artificial Intelligence.  RPA delivers rapid results in terms of cost-reduction and improvement in service-delivery in all industries. At Abacus, we found UiPath to be the most innovative and most customer-focused RPA company in the world and are very excited about the value we can create jointly. With our partnership with UiPath, we are investing heavily in building the capacity our customers need to win big from RPA and AI.


Anand Nagwani, Vice President EMEA, Partnership, UiPath, said:

Many people doing their daily tasks at their workstations will benefit from RPA deployment into their companies, allowing them to focus on more fulfilling and significant tasks. We are happy to partner with AbacusConsulting to deliver automation to various companies in Pakistan and the Middle East and improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and enhance the work experience of many employees.


AbacusConsulting’s digital transformation capabilities can be found here.

by Anna Ghica

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