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12 July 2018

UiPath Partners with Blucap Ltd to Accelerate Customer Digital Journeys with RPA

12 July 2018

UiPath Partners with Blucap Ltd to Accelerate Customer Digital Journeys with RPA

UiPath today announced that it is partnering with Blucap Ltd, to provide an innovative Cloud based solution for managing UiPath robots.


This partnership, which began in 2017, will benefit UiPath customers across the EMEA region who require Orchestrator to manage their robotic workforce, and where a solution delivered as a service is preferred to the option of building their own in-house capability.


Organizations are increasingly seeking solutions to help them expedite operational processes, increase agility and deliver greater value to customers. By partnering with UiPath, Blucap will enable clients to manage their Virtual Workforce from the Cloud and take advantage of a fully managed platform.


Paul Caine, Managing Director, Blucap Ltd, said:

Partnering with UiPath allows us to provide a complimentary service offering to meet a growing need across UiPath’s customer base. We are excited to be working closely with UiPath in shaping the future of RPA and delivering quality services to both new and existing clients.


Daniel Dines, CEO, UiPath, said:

As enterprises are increasingly pledging to the amazing acceleration RPA brings to their digital journeys, we are also engaged to deliver a first in its class agile and flexible product. It’s great to be able to partner with Blucap Ltd to provide the innovative Orchestrator as a Service platform. This partnership brings our clients across EMEA flexibility and control over their RPA solutions.


For more information about Blucap Ltd, please visit http://www.blucap.co.uk

by Anna Ghica

TOPICS: partnership

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