23 November 2017

UiPath Partners with Enate to Deliver Accelerated Automation and Orchestration

23 November 2017

UiPath Partners with Enate to Deliver Accelerated Automation and Orchestration

Today, UiPath announced a strategic partnership with Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) provider, Enate. The partnership will look to drive accelerated automation success for the companies’ mutual partners at any stage of their digital journey.

The integration between the toolsets of the two companies is expected to improve analytics accessibility for users, help them to identify which processes can and should be automated, and to orchestrate these processes with ease. Together, UiPath and Enate will enable customers to manage the workflows of human and digital employees working coherently on a single web-based platform.

Enate comes with custom-build Activity Libraries for UiPath Studio, allowing for the seamless integration of UiPath robots into the orchestration platform. This is the cornerstone of the world’s first environment that allows digital and human teams to work together seamlessly, and the partnership is already bringing business benefit to clients such as insurance giant Generali.


Chief Robotics Officer of UiPath, Boris Krumrey, said: 


As time unfolds and people start to integrate more intelligent automation tools with RPA, the need for efficient orchestration between human users and RPA will prove to be a critical success factor for digitization. We are excited to welcome Enate at our UiPath Forward Americas event and together advance the standards in automation excellence.


Kit Cox, CEO of Enate, declared: 


We’re excited to be working with UiPath – an organisation that is incredibly forward-thinking and which has made significant contributions to the new generation of intelligent automation. Together, we are helping customers to achieve more with automation and manage their human and robotic workforces in one simple environment.

by Anna Ghica

TOPICS: partnership

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