9 October 2018

UiPath Recognized for Happiest Employees and Best Benefits, According to Comparably’s 2018 Culture Awards

9 October 2018

UiPath Recognized for Happiest Employees and Best Benefits, According to Comparably’s 2018 Culture Awards

UiPath is proud to announce that it has been recognized with three Comparably 2018 Culture Awards. Outranking amazing companies such as LinkedIn, Starbucks or Facebook, UiPath made sixth place for Happiest Companies, 27th for Best Perks & Benefits and 38th for Best Compensation.


The survey was conducted among all large companies across the United States.


Daniel Dines, co-founder and CEO at UiPath, said:

My dream was to build a company that I’d love to work for. My belief is that our workplace should be our playground, and we have made concerted efforts to ensure that UiPath is a place where employees feel inspired, engaged and happy. Winning the happiest employees category makes me the proudest. Of all our achievements, having such a great team and culture is the biggest.


The Comparably Awards honor businesses that are helping to drive positive culture change across companies large and small. Rankings are derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees who anonymously rate their employers on Comparably.com throughout the year. There are no fees or costs associated with participating, nor is nomination required.


UiPath employees volunteered the following feedback about their company:


  • "What makes me most happy at work is our competitive spirit, clear goals and challenges we solve. We're a fast-growing company and work at a high-energy pace yet have fun, and the leaders are humble, transparent and know how to effectively communicate."
  • “The team listens to one another, always has time for one another and all decisions are agreed together.”
  • “[We] are smart, yet humble. You can always share your perspective and decisions are driven based on feedback from all involved.”
  • “The value of the benefits are huge, meaningful and motivational.”


The award wins come on the heels of UiPath’s recent $225M Series C funding round and an increase in annual recurring revenue from $1M to $100M, making the company likely the fastest growing enterprise software company in history. The company projects that it will end 2018 with more than 1,700 employees and operations in 30 offices across 16 countries.


Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably, said:

Comparably Awards look to honor employers who stand out as providing the best benefits, perks and compensation to foster the happiest employees in the United States. UiPath’s leadership across these three award categories is a true testament to the value the company places on employee happiness and company culture.


If you’re interested in joining the fast-growing team, visit our company’s careers page.


Information about Comparably’s 2018 Company Culture awards can be found on the Comparably website.


by Anna Ghica

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