4 October 2018

UiPath Releases Go! - the Open, Free and Transparent Marketplace for Automation and AI

4 October 2018

UiPath Releases Go! - the Open, Free and Transparent Marketplace for Automation and AI

Collaborative ecosystem to enable organizations to share knowledge, solutions and innovation that advance the impact of automation


UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, today unveiled Go!, UiPath’s open, free and transparent marketplace. Launched at #UiPathForward Americas, Go! arms new and experienced enterprises, as well as developers and partners, with the RPA tools and diversified content they need to build value-added automations that accelerate adoption and improve ROI. This automation ecosystem is the easiest way for organizations to access RPA building blocks – from reusable components to machine learning models – and underscores UiPath’s ongoing commitment to democratize RPA.


The collaborative Go! platform offers anyone in the UiPath community access to a suite of reusable components, highly-rated skills and professional services and products that rapidly accelerate the automation process and drive productivity. UiPath Go! provides customers and partners with a rich automation use-case library that features:

  • Open and extensible solutions, including vertical-specific offerings;
  • Easily downloadable end-to-end automations;
  • Free training, best practices and product documentation;
  • An engaged, innovative and collaborative community.


At launch, Go! included more than 100 ways for developers to expedite their time to RPA value by up to 90 percent.


“Go! deepens our commitment to building a community that powers and progresses the RPA industry,  and helps organizations everywhere put Automation First,” said Daniel Dines, CEO and co-founder, UiPath. “All organizations – including our customers, our partners, developers, innovation labs, nonprofits and higher education institutes – benefit from RPA knowledge-sharing to accelerate the pace of automation and productivity in the workplace.”


Developers in the UiPath Forum recently echoed these sentiments, praising the marketplace’s superb design, customization capabilities and filter options. One user noted that Go! “will allow businesses worldwide to disrupt the definition of work at an even faster pace.”


For more information about UiPath Go!, please visit https://go.uipath.com/. Go! will remain in preview mode through October to capture user feedback and ensure superior performance.

by Anna Ghica

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