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17 September 2019

UiPath To Empower Chartered Accountants Ireland Graduates for the Automated Workplace

17 September 2019

UiPath To Empower Chartered Accountants Ireland Graduates for the Automated Workplace

UiPath, the leading entreprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, is excited to announce a collaboration with Chartered Accountants Ireland (the Institute), after forming a pioneering partnership with the professional accountancy body. Through this partnership, the Institute empowers future professionals entering the financial sector, as technology continues to revolutionise the industry. The Institute represents 27,000 influential members throughout the globe, educating, representing and supporting members, who work in senior accountancy positions.


UiPath will provide its Automation Ready Workforce programme to the Institute, which will include a 12-hour RPA course in its curricula, starting with the 2019-20 academic year. This programme will teach students the principles of business task automation through software robots, providing practical exposure to UiPath’s RPA platform. These new digital skills will be tested during a Final Admitting Examination and will enable the Institute to deliver competitive graduates to the evolving labour market.


In the financial sector, automation can help improve daily business efficiencies, whilst reducing costs and errors, as well as boosting staff morale and engagement. Software robots are freeing employees from the burden of repetitive rules-based tasks by mimicking human actions across computer applications and programmes.


Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President of Learning at UiPath, commented:

We are aware that in the next 15 years, millions of office workers will need to switch to jobs that do not even exist now, as automation and AI continues to reshape the workplace. With a vision to democratise access to the skills of the future, our Automation Ready Workforce programme envisions a world where every professional is ‘automation-ready’ and hence employable. We are truly excited about the new chapter in the global finance industry that Chartered Accountants Ireland is pioneering.


Institute President Conall O’Halloran said:

Chartered Accountants Ireland is proud to be the first professional accountancy body worldwide to design and implement a RPA syllabus specifically for accountancy students. The role of accountants is changing, and businesses are embracing new technologies faster than ever. It’s vital that our students and future members are equipped to support businesses now and, in the years, to come.This time next year, our final year students will be in a variety of jobs and training roles where they can hit the ground running with newly acquired skills that are still not widely taught. They are now on the path to becoming future business leaders for the digital era. 

by Anna Ghica

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