18 April 2019

#UiPathTogether Brings Public Sector RPA Success Stories to Washington D.C.

18 April 2019

#UiPathTogether Brings Public Sector RPA Success Stories to Washington D.C.

The Office of Budget and Management (OMB) memorandum 18-23 and the Budget of the United States (U.S.) Government for Fiscal Year 2020 both encourage and direct agencies to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help in "modernizing government." Both documents speak to the power of RPA for allowing agencies to refocus on their core mission areas, provide excellent customer service, and ensure accountability stewardship through more use of technical advances and improved business processes.


Public sector agencies today need relief from the high volume of repetitive, mundane, and rules-based work to free employees to perform more person-to-person interactions.


Budgeting and staff cuts, frequent regulatory and policy modifications, insufficient or outdated technology resources combined with the ubiquitous nature of the Internet of Things (IoT) are exponentially increasing digital work. RPA stands ready to stop the work build up and let staff focus on more rewarding and higher-valued activities.


As Federal Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Director of Public Sector Marketing for UiPath, I get to demonstrate to my former peers in city, county, state, and national level governments that RPA is a fast, flexible, and scalable solution to their problems. I'm able to show them how RPA has already provided incredible results in both the public and private sectors.


That’s why I’m so excited for this year’s #UiPathTogether Washington D.C. event, where we will showcase success stories from leading government agencies who are already seeing return on investment (ROI) from RPA projects, and demonstrate how key industry leaders are scaling and sustaining using RPA.


More than 32 Department of Defense (DOD) and civilian agencies—including the U.S. Navy, the General Services Administration (GSA), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)—have saved time and money with RPA, allowing them to refocus on their missions and become better stewards of the public’s money.


At the DLA, an attended Robot was built to automate new hire data entry, saving over 800 hours a year and improving accuracy to 100%.


The IRS is using UiPath Robots to automate contractor responsibility determinations, saving an estimated 15,000 FTE hours per year.


At UiPath Together D.C., you’ll hear from these agencies and more about how RPA is enabling them to meet and exceed the high demands of both the administration and the public. Check out the full agenda here and register today.


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by Jim Walker

TOPICS: RPA, Region: US, #UiPathTogether, public sector, government

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