15 October 2019

UiPath Unveils Winners of the 2019 Partner of the Year Awards

15 October 2019

UiPath Unveils Winners of the 2019 Partner of the Year Awards

LAS VEGAS, #UIPATHFORWARDIII October 15, 2019Yesterday at Partner FORWARD, a community of UiPath global technology and business partners assembled to share knowledge with a goal of helping customers realize new possibilities with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). At the conference, UiPath announced the winners of the 2019 Partner of the Year Awards, designed to celebrate organizations that are accelerating the ‘automation first’ era with RPA.


The winners for the global 2019 UiPath Partner of the Year Awards go to:


· Partner of the Year Innovating RPA – JOLT Advantage Group: Launching a national ‘Take Home a Robot Workshop’ roadshow, JOLT has educated business and IT leaders on RPA technology and the competitive value it can bring to the modern enterprise. Participants had the opportunity to design digital assistants that they took home to ease their personal and domestic chores.


· Partner of the Year Scaling RPA – PwC: Upskilling their workforce with key digital skills, including RPA, to enable their employees to deliver world-class insights to their clients, PwC uses a “citizen-led” approach that invites employees closest to the processes to rethink how work is performed. This initiative will lead the organization into new territories of efficiency and serve as a catalyst for cultural change.


· Partner of the Year Democratizing RPA – Tacstone: Pioneers in evangelizing RPA to schools and universities of The Netherlands, Tacstone’s initiatives have encouraged educators to include RPA in their classes and curriculum. Working closely with UiPath’s Academic Alliance team, Tacstone is helping to close the massive and emerging skills gap by empowering students to prepare themselves for the new future of work.


· Partner of the Year Business Acceleration – Cognizant: With more than 100 UiPath clients globally, Cognizant is accelerating clients’ intelligent automation journey and benefits realization across the enterprise. In addition, it has more than 2000 UiPath developers globally and has built many accelerators towards enabling successful execution for clients and Cognizant’s enterprise implementations.


· Partner of the Year Automation Services – Deloitte: Operating in the Age of With, Deloitte and UiPath have partnered to bring outcome-based solutions leveraging RPA with Cognitive and AI technologies to solve its clients’ most difficult problems. Integrating attended robots, unattended robots, and human workers, they are unlocking true end-to-end value to drive scale and adoption.


· Partner of the Year Automation Solutions – EY: EY has developed a new approach to migrating SAP customers to the new S/4 HANA platform utilizing UiPath’s automation platform. With the significant resources required to execute an S/4 HANA migration and the upcoming end of life for prior SAP releases, there was a critical need to apply new thinking to make these projects more efficient given constrained resources and timelines.

  • Additionally, UiPath unveiled winners of the Impact Partner of the Year Awards, six awards that highlight organizations that are making the biggest contribution to the overall success of RPA for a specific region or sector. Regional business partners are critical to enabling UiPath’s ability to reach businesses in areas where they otherwise couldn’t. Winners for this category are:

· Technology Partner: Microsoft

· Public Sector Partner: Perspecta

· Americas: Novatio

· EMEA: Capgemini

· APAC: Blackbook.ai

· India: Wipro


“UiPath’s incredible growth and global reach would not be possible without our business and technology partners. Partners are the core of our company strategy. We’re excited to celebrate the companies that won this year’s Partner Forward Awards in Las Vegas this week, as well as the hundreds of others that have joined us at FORWARD to share knowledge and help businesses and government agencies around the world realize new possibilities with RPA.”

Chris Morgan, Global Vice President, Partners and Alliances


To learn more about UiPath’s Partner Network, or to become a partner, visit: https://www.uipath.com/partners/become-a-partner.



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