5 December 2017

Winning Together, our Mantra at #UiPathForward London

5 December 2017

Winning Together, our Mantra at #UiPathForward London

After a standing room in New York on November 16th, last Thursday saw the second enactment of our UiPath Forward series, this time with more than 600 delegates, customers and partners, arriving at our London venue.


Kicking off the event was CEO and Co-Founder of UiPath, Daniel Dines, who imprinted on the whole-day summit the idea that RPA is about winning together and outlined the company’s main priorities for the immediate future: big scale deployments, cognitive, agility and ‘working together’.


On our path to growing the largest ecosystem in RPA, Daniel has also announced the first 5 official training partners along which we are creating the biggest RPA developers base – EY, Machina Automation, Roboyo, SMFL Capital Japan, and Symphony Ventures.


Daniel was also proud to talk about UiPath’s engineers’ dedication to customers and solving their challenges and used the event as an opportunity to highlight the company’s commitment to remaining humble, open, transparent as well as responsive and customer focused.


Sharing the stage were, among many others, Darryl Naff – Head of Process at insurance firm Generali, Jim Allen – UK Partner Lead for RPA with Deloitte, Mark Jenkins – Regional Head of Organisation Northern Europe at Euler Hermes, Sabyasachi Roy – Practice Director Emerging Technology at Accenture UK, Mark Hatton – Director of Consulting and Rosie Hall – Solution Lead Intelligent Digital at PricewaterhouseCoopers.


‘It’s no longer about outsourcing, it’s about partnering’ declared leading RPA industry analyst Phil Fersht from HfS, who delivered an informative view of the big industry themes RPA, AI and Data. Phil discussed a view of RPA in the context of the digital environment we live in today and argued that the digital fog of the last few years has started to lift revealing the digital pathway. He said:


“The majority of enterprises are deer in headlights waiting to get flattened by digitally savvy competitors.”


Phil presented the findings of new research which found that RPA is struggling to provide the business case for non-adopter companies and more businesses who have already implemented RPA need to talk about what they’re doing publicly and highlight their satisfaction.

  • 31% of enterprises are already integrating automation into their service delivery;
  • Machine learning is being piloted by 45% of businesses;
  • 52% of organisations believe that automation will bring improved operations;
  • 2/3 of enterprises view Digital as driving new revenue streams and customer experiences;
  • Traditional firms are finding their digital path and collapsing the silos between front and back office to create ‘OneOffice’.

UiPath’s Chief Evangelist Guy Kirkwood hosted a panel dedicated to the role of AI in automation and to the future of work alongside Manuel Machado from Arpa, Christian Voigt from Roboyo, and Chris Gaynor from Symphony.


UiPath’s technology partners ABBYY, Celonis and Oracle were also present on the stage, having been invited by Chief Robotics Officer Boris Krumrey to talk about tech integrations that make RPA the true backbone for AI.


Hajime Koyanagi, Head of Streamlining Promotion with Dentsu Inc. delivered an enthused presentation of one of the biggest global RPA deployments handled by UiPath which tackles some of Japan’s largest social concerns – restoring work-life balance for an overworked aging population.



To continue our series, UiPath Forward will arrive to Bengaluru, India on January 17th and Tokyo, Japan on January 26th.

Stay tuned!


by Anna Ghica

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