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Work with an automation partner who delivers results

PwC's experience implementing UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  for some of the world’s largest companies has fundamentally transformed those organizations to be more efficient and innovative while surpassing ROI goals.


How have they done it? They work with clients to help empower the future of work. Because when every employee has the ability to off-load repetitive, manual, labor-intensive tasks they can focus on their time on more strategic, value-add activities. The benefits range from rapidly taking out hours and cost, to increased improved employee satisfaction. These successes are some of the reasons PwC was awarded the Scaling Partner of the Year from UiPath last year. 

The results speak for themselves.

An example from one company:

PwC helps clients avoid missteps

Julia Lamm, Workforce Strategy Principal, PwC US answers the question, "Where do missteps happen?" during the PwC-UiPath webinar on "Embarking on a digital upskilling journey to drive change"

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Deliver results & achieve high ROI with RPA

Darren Lee, Principal, US PwC shares insights on the firm's ROI from RPA. These highlights are from the UiPath-PwC webinar, "Embarking on a digital upskilling journey to drive change."

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What can PwC and UiPath do for you?
From strategy to execution, we help deliver results


Define a future-ready digital transformation strategy, and the impact automation can have across the enterprise.


Enable enterprise-led and citizen-led automation, to help capitalize on the full spectrum of automation opportunities and drive grass roots innovation back into the corporate led efforts. 


Support upskilling efforts with UiPath tools and PwC knowledge to build a future-ready workforce that delivers automated processes.


Create the governance framework to help accelerate enterprise-wide automation, while maintaining security and compliance.


Apply automation across the enterprise, aligning efforts to other areas of expertise for processes that require AI, NLP, and other advanced capabilities.


Help drive innovation with proven tactics that support generating new methods to sell and deliver services.

In our first year of using UiPath’s platform, we automated about five million hours of non-value-added work. We strongly believe that with the right approach RPA can transform any organization.

Kevin Kroen
Partner, Intelligent Automation and Digital Upskilling Leader, PwC US

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