Webinar: UiPath and PwC Part 3: Embarking on a digital upskilling journey to drive change


Photo of  Julia Lamm

Julia Lamm

Workforce Strategy Principal, PwC US

Photo of Darren Lee

Darren Lee

Principal, PwC US

Photo of Doug Fowler

Doug Fowler

VP Global Partners, UiPath

Firms are embracing citizen led innovation as the core underpinning of their digitally enabled workforce journey. Using PwC's own journey as a reference point, this webcast will discuss how various industries and functions are embracing this concept both as a way to transform the employee experience, evolve firm culture, increase productivity and drive broader operating model transformation.


What’s in it for you:

  • Learn what does it take to upskill an enterprise workforce
  • Learn what upskilling means within the context of your digital transformation
  • Achieve transformational results by marrying automation with a powerful workforce upskilling program
  • Scale innovation, building automations you can trust, with the right governance and risk controls in place



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