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Your automated, intelligent, and cloud-ready enterprise

By partnering with Google we are fusing RPA with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud in ways that make sense today, ways that can help enterprises become digital businesses faster.

Tightly integrated into UiPath’s Enterprise RPA Platform, Google Cloud’s machine learning services will provide ready-to-use intelligent automation solutions that are fast, scalable and easy to use. Build your future enterprise. Start today, in the most practical way possible.


Deploy UiPath on Google Cloud today
A ready-to-go Contact Center solution with UiPath and Google Cloud AI
Google Cloud AI functionalities ready-to-use with UiPath
Your own machine learning models run by UiPath on the Google Cloud Platform

Start today, with a zero-touch contact center automation solution

Resolve customer requests fast, accurately and at scale

Negative customer experiences can haunt your business forever. Together with Google, we are offering an integrated solution for the next generation of contact centers where every customer interaction is a positive one. By integrating with Google’s Contact Center API service, UiPath robots retrieve, transform and hand over information from a variety of data sources in a matter of seconds. This can be a zero-touch automation solution to ensure human-like responses directly with customers or actively assist human agents and keep them in top shape to serve customers in the best way possible.

Add Google’s cognitive assistant technology and machine learning building blocks to the mix and UiPath robots will automatically see, hear, analyze and interact with human language in completely new ways, solving a number of critical business needs across the contact center, and beyond.

Contact Center Architecture

Watch UiPath in action integrating with Cisco and Google in a contact center setting

A trusted solution, deployed in Google Cloud

Tested in US and Japan with 800 robots deployed to enable large scale customer inquiries

Achieve data-informed case resolution in an instant
Extend to any contact center use case
Scale fast and easy
Drive meaningful interactions with happy customers

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