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Think Automation First with an intelligent, cloud-ready enterprise

By partnering with Microsoft, we are fusing RPA with a combination of enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence (AI), productivity cloud and cloud applications to help enterprises become digital businesses faster. 

Tightly integrated into UiPath’s Enterprise RPA Platform, Microsoft’s machine learning (ML) services, productivity services and application services will enable ready-to-use intelligent automation solutions that are fast, scalable, and easy to use. Start thinking Automation First today.

Easily automate the Microsoft Cloud

Office 365

Supercharge your productivity with a robot that can collaborate on spreadsheets, access stored files, and act on emails within the Microsoft Cloud both on-premises and online.

We have a set of activities for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365 ready to drag and drop into your automation workflows.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

In addition, UiPath makes it easy to automate processes around Dynamics 365 (Sales and Service/ Finance and ops) to automate end to end business application scenarios

Deploy the UiPath Platform on Microsoft Azure


UiPath has been powering customer automations in the cloud since August 2017 including more than 35,000 Robots across 17,000 tenants in our Community Cloud.

For customers that have already deployed in Azure, the auto deploy solution provides the ability to easily scale their robot deployments as their needs change.

For the large number of new customers using or migrating to Azure, this enables deployment in a fraction of the time and ensures a completely predictable deployment tested and validated by UiPath infrastructure deployment specialists. You can focus on their Automation projects rather than deploying infrastructure.

Automated deployment is available from the Azure Marketplace here.

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It’s Time to Hyperautomate your Microsoft Infrastructure

Learn how to facilitate the mundane, error-prone day-to-day work that burdens IT teams supporting Microsoft infrastructure.

Build more Intelligent Automations with Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services integration with the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform unlocks key business intelligence from digital and print documents, accelerating data extraction, processing, and time to insights.

AI-powered robotic process automation with Form Recognizer

Learn more about how Microsoft and UiPath partnered to help a customer automate the processing of hundred-page reports and give them a competitive edge.

Gain more Insight into your Automations with PowerBI

The UiPath Enterprise RPA platform doesn’t just deliver automations, we also give you deep insights into those automations with standard “out of the box” PowerBI template dashboards and reports that you can either use as-is or modify to suit your own needs.

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