UiPath Automation Suite

The cloud native UiPath Platform delivered as a single, containerized suite

It’s the ‘Automation Cloud’ experience, but you run the show​

Get the full UiPath Business Automation Platform—or as much of it as you want—in one package. Install everything once, in anything from public cloud to air-gapped on-premises, and manage everything together with end-to-end support from UiPath​.


Single install in cloud, on-prem Linux VMs, or on bare metal servers


Portal access to all services and integrations


Host multiple organizations on one infrastructure​


Supported by UiPath end-to-end​


Kubernetes infrastructure and tools embedded, or deploy on your current AKS/EKS cluster

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Everything in one package​

Everything in one box

Products, integrations, Kubernetes, and management tools—all preconfigured so you can run things smoothly and enjoy more platform capabilities without increasing overhead. ​

  • Containerized with Kubernetes, integrated​

  • Unified user, tenant, and license management

  • Portal-based access for the users​

  • Azure AD, AD, and CyberArk integrations​

  • RPA governance and built-in security

  • Multiple organizations on the same infrastructure​

  • Fully optimized and supported by UiPath 

Run the show yourself Automation Suite

One installer, ​one easy update every time​

Install everything on cost-effective Linux server or in Linux VMs, and update everything in one patch with each release.​

  • Single, unified CLI-based install: infrastructure, software dependencies, and UiPath product​

  • In cloud/on-premises Linux VMs or on bare metal servers ​

  • From air-gapped on-premises to multi-organization hosting​

  • K8s configured and optimized for UiPath, with end-to-end support from us​

Deploy on your Kubernetes

Deploy on your own Kubernetes

Install in your existing Kubernetes environment for greater control and flexibility.

  • Your AKS/EKS environment, your managed cloud for storage, and any third-party components you prefer

  • Easy to manage in your K8s environment, because you know your infrastructure better

  • Use existing integrations from your AKS/EKS environment to easily integrate Automation Suite capabilities

Integrated infrastructure ​and cluster management​

Integrated infrastructure ​and cluster management​

All the tools for monitoring, alerting and back-up—including tools for common operations like certificate management—are in the box, and you can integrate them with external systems.

  • Optimized cluster management with CLI and UX experiences, and support for multiple users​

  • Unified cluster monitoring and alerting with support to integrate with external systems​

  • Simplified backup/restore and high availability

  • Automatic Elastic Scale built in

New and exciting in UiPath 2023.4


Deploy in AKS/EKS Kubernetes cluster for complete and flexible management with easier integrations (coming in 2023.4.1)


Run on Federal Information Processing Standards 140 - 2 (FIPS 140-2) enabled host machines (server/VM)


Enable the real-time export of UiPath Insights data to Splunk


Deploy in Active/Passive mode for better Disaster Recovery - withstand the complete failure of nodes, entire data centers, or even regions


Live streaming, remote control, and video recording for Unattended Robots


Automation Suite Robots scale automatically and securely as workloads increase without the need for manual provisioning, maintenance, and management (released in 2022.10)


Significant architecture enhancements—run on reduced number of nodes, lean installation of products

Great for hosting​

Host multiple organizations on one install. Manage licenses across organizations but keep them separate in any other respect.


Deliver the platform as a service to multiple organizations separately


Distribute licenses as you need across all organizations


Azure AD integration ​for every organization

Also worth exploring

Get the delivery you need and the total cost of ownership (TCO) you want​