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Enterprise automation that fits right in with your IT strategy

The UiPath Platform is available the way you want it.​

The UiPath Business Automation Platform is not just a collection of individual products. It’s unified, integrated, and designed to plug into your existing enterprise architecture securely and seamlessly - whether your strategy is SaaS or self-hosting.

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Start instantly, scale infinitely, and leave the infrastructure to us

With Automation Cloud, you’ll get everything you need to start automating and managing automation at enterprise scale—in 60 seconds or less. Start instantly, scale infinitely, and leave the infrastructure to us.

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Run the show yourself Automation Suite

Run the show yourself with Automation Suite

Get the same integrated platform experience you get in Automation Cloud but run the entire platform—or as much of it as you choose—on-premises, in public cloud, or even as a hoster selling to other customers.

  • All the UiPath server products, containerized in Kubernetes

  • Unified user, tenant, and license management for the entire organization

  • Platform features like UiPath Portal, Automation Ops, and AAD integration

  • Install and update the entire suite and infrastructure tools with one package

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Security and compliance come standard either way​

Whether you go for SaaS, on-premises installation, or deployment to a third-party cloud, UiPath offers all the enterprise-grade compliance and security capabilities you’d expect—and more, so you can manage risk proactively.

  • Complete audit trail

  • Pluggable integration with Active Directory, OAuth, CyberArk, Azure Key vault

  • IT-specific governance through Orchestrator with Azure AD integration

  • Next-level automation-specific governance with Automation Ops

  • SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, and Veracode Verified™

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Choose your robots.

From SaaS to self-hosted, all managed from Automation Cloud™


Automation Cloud™ Robot

No infrastructure? No problem! Build and run robots quickly whenever you want.​


Unattended Robot

Automate task-heavy, long-running workflows. These bots work tirelessly in the back end and check in with you for direction.

  • Self-host, on-premises, or in public cloud​

  • Manage from Automation Cloud Orchestrator​


Attended Robot

A digital sidekick on every desktop to help with everyday tasks running across the many apps and systems that entangle us today.

  • Install on the desktop ​

  • Manage from Automation Cloud Orchestrator​


Test Robot​

Test robots and applications easily and completely for reliable performance.

  • Self-host, on-premises, or in public cloud​

  • Manage from Automation Cloud Orchestrator as part of UiPath Test Suite​

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