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UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform

Where the future of RPA arrives first

The UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform delivers rapid automation of manual, rules-based, repetitive processes. It’s been used to automate millions of tasks for business and government organizations all over the world — improving productivity, customer experience, and employee job satisfaction.

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UiPath’s extensible platform offers hundreds of built-in, customizable, shareable activities, plus deep integrations with the technologies you already use. Our platform is open to learn, share, and collaborate, with a 300,000-user community.



The UiPath ecosystem is optimized for fast development and designed to deliver rapid ROI. In fact, 88% of UiPath deployments finish in 6 months or fewer*. UiPath offers worldwide implementation support, certified training, and a vast network of partner integrators.

*According to Gartner Peer Reviews data as of March 6th 2019. Based on 382 reviews.



UiPath Robots are learning new AI skills to automate more. Use out-of-the-box AI skills, source specialized AI skills from the ecosystem, or integrate your own AI skills. Seamlessly use these AI skills in your automations with UiPath drag-and-drop AI. More about UiPath RPA + AI.



RPA at enterprise scale. Deploy and manage any variety and number of processes from front-office to back-office, regardless of complexity.



Trusted by 60+ government agencies and thousands of commercial companies, the UiPath platform includes the security and audit capabilities you need to simplify compliance with the regulations that matter to you.

Three robust components power the UiPath platform

The UiPath Platform components work together seamlessly to deliver unmatched, innovative, end-to-end solutions that give you a competitive edge in performance, cost, and user experience.

Studio: design your automation

Studio is where you design automations for Robots.

Design is easy, using a code-free recording tool or drag-and-drop from a rich library of pre-built activities. Accelerate development with ready-made automation components available for standard processes.

For complex scenarios, design powerful workflows by harnessing the full capabilities of supported technical languages such as VB.Net, C#, Python, and Java.

Studio, the most preferred IDE in the industry, handles it all – jump-start your automation journey now with a free trial.

Orchestrator: deploy and manage Robots

Orchestrator is the central dashboard where you manage your digital workforce.

Securely schedule, manage, and control your enterprise-wide digital workforce from either a web browser or a mobile app. Real-time monitoring keeps you on track with globally deployed automations and helps you plan required license purchases.

Orchestrator supports multi-tenancy, allowing you to scale easily, reduce operational costs, and enable discrete departmental RPA initiatives.

Robots: run your automation

Robots are digital workers that run automations built in Studio and scheduled in Orchestrator.

UiPath offers attended and unattended robots (or a mix of the two). Attended robots work in collaboration with users to automate front-office activities. Unattended robots work autonomously in the background or in virtual environments to automate back-end data processing activities.

These versatile robots are compatible with a wide variety of systems and can automate processes on systems such as Citrix, desktop, web, SAP, mainframe, and other legacy systems.

An open community for learning and collaboration

Open and collaborative tools fuel the “automation first” movement.

UiPath Connect!, the social network for RPA professionals, empowers RPA professionals to explore, grow, and create. Discover a wide-ranging ecosystem that includes:  

UiPath Connect!
Explore, grow, and create

Connect! is your user-centric community ecosystem.
As the “front door” to your UiPath experience, it includes spaces to:

  • Explore the latest and greatest from the UiPath community
  • Grow your RPA skills
  • Create innovative projects with teammates from around the world

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UiPath  Academy 
Learn RPA today

Your RPA career is closer than you think. Through Academy, the first open online RPA training platform, discover the brand-new jobs available in an automation first world. Whether you want to become an RPA business analyst, developer, or project manager, we have the courses for you (and more than 300,000 students)!

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UiPath Go! 
Accelerate your RPA development

Why re-create the wheel as you develop? Go! gives companies and individuals a collaborative marketplace full of reusable automation components, APIs, and services. You can also win more business by highlighting your development expertise by industry domain.

Accelerate Your RPA Solutions

UiPath Forum
Ask & answer questions

What’s a good RPA journey without 40,000 close friends? With channels covering everything from Studio/ Orchestrator/ Robots, to feature requests, to RPA job openings, the Forum has something for everyone. The Forum is a warm online community whose members are quick to offer their expertise when anyone has a question.

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