The Impact of RPA on Employee Experience

For nearly 70% of organizations, RPA is enabling employees to have more human interactions

A Forrester Consulting Report

As organizations continue to transform digitally, employee experience has become more significant than ever.


In an independent study commissioned by UiPath, Forrester Consulting surveyed 100 decision makers at manager level or above from operations groups, shared services, finance and accounting, HR and other core business lines to evaluate how RPA affects employee engagement.


What the report has found is encouraging. 66% said RPA restructures existing work, enabling their employees to have more human interactions, and 60% said RPA helps people focus on more meaningful, strategic tasks.

Key findings include:

  • Employee experience takes center stage as RPA permeates organizations;
  • Operating model issues, and psychological barriers hold back the potential of RPA;
  • There is a way to capitalize on the transformative potential of RPA while keeping employees engaged and happy.

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