The current crisis is a turning point that businesses must leverage to trigger change—both immediate and long-term. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted automation priorities and psychology, creating more emphasis on deploying rapidly, lowering costs, supporting remote execution of business, and building resilience.

This Forrester Research report outlines the shifts currently taking place in the automation landscape and offers recommendations for building frameworks to support a people-centered enterprise with intelligent automation.

“Enterprises have a chance to develop new ways of working, invent new business models, and wring inefficiency from tired business processes. This crisis will divide companies into those that grasp the need for digital transformation and those that don’t.” (Forrester Research, Your Automation Psychology And Roadmap Just Shifted Gears)

According to the report, “A real mind shift has taken place, and that will continue, but enterprises need to focus on their robotics quotient (RQ) and the four competency areas of RPA maturity: process, people, governance, and technology.”

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