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Does RPA Create Happier Workers? Ask the Experts!
Webinar with UiPath and Forrester


Photo of Guy Kirkwood

Guy Kirkwood

Chief Evangelist, UiPath

Photo of Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Digital transformation touches so many different areas of business today, not least of which is the employee experience. As certain critical, yet time-consuming activities are taken on by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), numerous questions and concerns can come up. However, it’s imperative that company leaders don’t lose sight of the core of their business: their human workforce.


RPA has the potential to take employee experience to new heights, helping to create a happy, satisfied, and productive workforce. This is just one of the key findings from an independent Forrester Consulting survey commissioned by UiPath, “The Impact of RPA on Employee Experience.” During our webinar, you’ll have the chance to get data-backed answers to your most pressing questions about RPA from Principal Forrester Analyst Dave Johnson and Chief Evangelist Guy Kirkwood.


By the end of the recorded webinar session, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of:

  • The key findings of the Forrester study, which spans interview responses from more than 100 business decision-makers in numerous industries
  • The ways in which RPA can support your workforce without diminishing their key roles in your business
  • How RPA enables digital transformation efforts while improving employees’ overall job satisfaction

The more you know about the benefits of RPA, the better positioned your business will be to take advantage of this key strategy for employee engagement and digital transformation!

Don’t miss out on these insights—watch the webinar recording today, and visit Employee Engagement Study page for more information: visit page here



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