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Webinar Series: Reboot Work with RPA Week
Lunchtime series to inform, educate and ruminate on all things RPA

Whether you are already on the path to scaling RPA or brand new to automation, join the UiPath Asia & Pacific team for brunch, lunch and afternoon tea.

We will keep you informed on how you can Reboot Work with RPA and address everything from the fundamentals to how to build and deploy ML using UiPath. We will also share stories from our customers and you will learn how and why automation is the future of work.

The Ultimate Introductory Guide to Business Automation

Whether you work for a multi-national or small business, software robots/digital assistants are transforming the way we work.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) has a very real role to play in helping you stay productive from addressing repeatable rules based PC work or something which requires AI.

In this session we will share:

  • Our approach to RPA
  • Why do businesses need RPA?
  • What benefits can automation bring you?
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Join the Tour on the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform

You've completed your due diligence on understanding automation, now gain real insights into the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. In this session, we will provide a visual tour of:

  • Studio: Design your automation easily in UiPath Studio.
  • Automation Hub: Capture your team’s ideas for processes to automate.
  • Process Mining: Bringing together process mining, AI, ML, business process management (BPM), and analytics with RPA in a single stack.
  • AI Fabric: Connects RPA and data science teams so you can instantly apply the limitless cognitive power of AI to your automation.
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The Future of Supply Chain & Logistics in the Age of Software Automation

Innovior, an Australian management consulting company, have worked with some of Australia's largest retailers to implement RPA. They have helped those businesses increase productivity, reduce transaction times and improve compliance.

We are joined in this session by Tim Ryan, Director and Gary Gahagan, Supply Chain Principal from Innovior who will discuss how to use RPA to address supply-chain bottle-necks, the challenges of managing and monitoring demand forecasts & stock levels and how to harness the untapped benefits that RPA can bring.

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The Fastest Way to Get Advanced Tips for Developers

In this session, our technical experts will share with you best practices and great tips to help accelerate your automations.

Topics include:

  • Document processing
  • Testing/Debugging
  • Scaling/Cloud/AI/Integration
  • Using The RE-Framework
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UiPath Open Mic

Gear yourself up for our first open mic where our technical experts can address an A-Z of UiPath topics.

Topic ideas to start you off:

  • How to scale your RPA from the initial POC
  • Using digital assistants with ServiceNow and SalesForce
  • How you enable end-to-end Contact Centre automation
  • Hosting an Art of the Possible workshop
  • Building and deploying ML into UiPath
  • What analytics can you use to measure automation performance
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