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Work Ahead Webinar Series:
Maximize the Value of Your Automations with UiPath Insights


Photo of Michelle Yurovsky

Michelle Yurovsky

Insights Product Owner, UiPath

Photo of Adrian Zielinski

Adrian Zielinski

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, UiPath

Photo of Cameron Mehin

Cameron Mehin

Global Insights Marketing Lead, UiPath

The evolution of your business depends on accurate, fact-based decision making—particularly when it comes to your organization’s automation journey.

UiPath Insights provides you with the tools and visibility necessary to ensure you are maximizing the value of your automations and their impact on your business. In this webinar recording, you’ll learn best practices for:

  • Preparing your environment for RPA analytics
  • Deploying UiPath Insights
  • Building custom dashboards to easily track important KPIs

In addition, you’ll get recommendations on how to make the most of your RPA analytics, prove the ROI of your robots, and make better business decisions based on quantifiable metrics.

If you’re looking to take your RPA implementation to the next level and start measuring its value to your business, then this webinar is for you.

This webinar is part of the Work Ahead webinar series.


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