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White Paper icon - whiteSupply Chain Ebook 2 Header Image

White paper

Automating the Supply Chain: 4 steps toward a more resilient and proactive supply chain

See how Automation makes supply chains more proactive, more predictable, and more flexible, keeping the world running and getting ready for the future.

White Paper icon - whiteHow automation gets finance workloads in balance E-book header image

White paper

How automation gets finance workloads in balance

Learn how finance teams can lighten their workload and how automation can enable them to expand their responsibilities as strategic advisors to the business

White Paper icon - whiteSupply chain E-book 1 Header Image

White paper

How automation helps forge stronger, more resilient supply chains

Find out how automation and artificial intelligence can eliminate manual, repetitive tasks that impede supply chain efficiency and innovation.

White Paper icon - whiteLegal E-book 1 Header Image

White paper

How automation raises the bar for legal and compliance team performance

Learn how software robots and artificial intelligence can make legal work more efficient, more streamlined, and more compliant for legal professionals.

White Paper icon - whiteContact Center E-book 1 Header Image

White paper

How automation turns the contact center into the experience center

See how automation can transform the contact center into an experience center, making the job easier for agents, and helping customers get the help they need faster

White Paper icon - whiteHR E-book 1 Header Image

White paper

How automation helps HR make work worthwhile for humans

Discover how automation makes finding and hiring the right people easier, eases HR processes for HR practitioners and creates experiences that make work worthwhile

White Paper icon - whitehero-reg-page-7

White paper

The Automation Governance Playbook: Practical Advice for Managing Your Automation Roadmap

Download the Cionet report today and accelerate your journey to a fully automated enterprise.

White Paper icon - whitePeerSpot Attended Automation Header

White paper

PeerSpot: What It Takes for Robots and Humans to Work Together

Download the report today to learn how attended automation drives time savings and frees up talent for more valuable work.

White Paper icon - whiteautomation-governance-uipath

White paper

Automation Governance: Extending Automation's Benefits in a Systematic and Disciplined Way

Read this white paper to learn how to build a well-structured automation governance program for your organization and address a full range of automation use cases.

White Paper icon - white2022 Trends: Automation Accelerates

White paper

2022 Trends: Automation Accelerates

Download this report to learn the many possibilities automation offers, and the steps you need to take to take advantage of them. 

White Paper icon - whitePowering Successful Automation: How Process Mining is Key to Realizing the Full Potential of RPA

White paper

Powering Successful Automation: How Process Mining is Key to Realizing the Full Potential of RPA

Download this UiPath process mining e-guide and start automating best practices at your organization.

White Paper icon - whiteAutomating the Enterprise: Uniting Three Approaches to Business Automation Projects

White paper

Automating the Enterprise

Download this IDC white paper to learn the three different approaches that organizations can take in their business automation work.