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White Paper icon - whiteUnleash SAP

White paper

Unleash SAP with the AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform

Download this white paper to find out how UiPath works in harmony with SAP and discover its true value.

White Paper icon - whiteP2P Process Mining

White paper

Evolving the Purchase-to-Pay Value Stream: What’s Next for Procurement?

Download this e-book to learn how you can directly influence key business metrics in P2P, using modern discovery techniques, automation and process improvements.

White Paper icon - whiteISG Briefing Paper - Communications Mining

White paper

UiPath Communications Mining | ISG Provider Lens™

Mark Purdy, Principal Analyst at ISG Provider LensTM, discusses how UiPath is solving the enterprise's unstructured communications challenge using communications mining. 

White Paper icon - whiteCommunications mining e-book hero

White paper

The Ultimate Guide to Communications Mining

Download your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Communications Mining to learn how the enterprise is tackling the communications challenge.

White Paper icon - whitehealthcare automation

White paper

Destination: Healthcare Automation

Download this E-book to learn how healthcare organizations have used automation to help reduce administrative burdens, improve patient experiences, and lower costs. 

White Paper icon - whiteSAP Testing

White paper

Five Ways to Elevate Your SAP Test Automation Practice

Download this e-book to discover five key strategies for successful SAP testing and how IT leaders can improve SAP quality with enterprise automation.

White Paper icon - whiteContinuous Discovery Summit

White paper

Accelerate Innovation ROI Through Continuous Discovery

Get this e-book to learn how Continuous Discovery can help you continually improve and automate processes to generate new business value.

White Paper icon - whiteautomation in healthcare

White paper

Business Automation in Healthcare

Download this this PeerPaper™ report to learn more about how UiPath can help your healthcare organization.

White Paper icon - whiteenterprise automation agenda 2022

White paper

Finance in the Digital Era

Read this report based on 167 survey responses from Finance professionals and learn about the state of finance in the digital era.

White Paper icon - whiteBusiness discussion

White paper

The 'people' side of automation: Dealing with change

Download this white paper to learn how to manage the people side of automation change management, and how to set your organization up for success.

White Paper icon - whiteBusting Test Bottlenecks

White paper

4 Steps for Busting Through Testing Bottlenecks

Explore how to get your tools and reusable components onto a universal platform, get test automation up to 90%, and drive value for your entire enterprise.

White Paper icon - whiteManufacturing Sector

White paper

How Process Automation Benefits Manufacturing Businesses

Get this Peerpaper report to learn how RPA drives operations automation, streamlines the supply chain, and improves customer engagement.