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It’s a fact that many applications today are published via Citrix XenApp. A Citrix server only sends screenshots of the live application that runs on the Citrix server back to the client, so UiPath cannot access the logical elements that make up the user interface. UiPath went to great lengths to make Citrix automation possible: featuring a powerful image recognition engine that is optimized to find images on the screen in under 100 milliseconds. Besides 
image recognition, the text is sent back to the client via shared clipboard or by using on-screen OCR (optical character recognition). More importantly, despite the inherent difficulties of automating Citrix, you can still use the integrated recorder to achieve great productivity. In fact, it takes the same amount of time to build an integration that involves Citrix, as it takes to automate a regular desktop application.

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Unmatched in Citrix GUI Automation

UiPath automates manual processes on all Citrix applications faster than any other solution.

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Increased accuracy

Errors caused by manual processing are costly. Robots outperform humans, make zero mistakes and provide optimal accuracy for your operation.

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Save FTE by automating the data entry or data extraction

Make proven FTE savings by using error-free robots that work all day, every day.

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Increased tracking and auditability

Robots dig deeper, provide various details and constantly extract relevant insights through monitoring and analytics.

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Automation made easy

UiPath is designed to guide you through automation in just a few steps. Business analysts will easily learn and control automation processes.

Enterprise scalable

Not only can you deploy an army of robots to remotely work for you across multiple geographies, but you can also track them from any designated location.

How does it work?

Automating manual processes on Citrix is easy. You can learn how to do it in no time with the help of our step-by-step tutorials.

Where Citrix Automation
makes a difference

Citrix plays an important role in corporate companies like BPOs and contact centers, where applications need to be accessed remotely due to security considerations. Applications are streamed as an image, and Citrix offers the best virtualization support for this. UiPath can automate manual processes on Citrix without leaving any traces on the server. Our software works perfectly with even the most complex applications in only a few minutes.

It is able to see the user interface like a human even in virtualized environments (via OCR) and will recognize controls and text.


Use UiPath for:

  • Data entry automation

  • Data extraction/scraping

  • Content migration

  • Legacy integration

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