UiPath Process Mining Webinar: Plan to Maximize Your Automation Potential

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why does UiPath have 2 different approaches to planning? Do we need both of them?

A: We developed these 2 approaches and introduced our new planning products to make sure your automation strategy will help you maximize ROI from RPA. Thanks to combining a centralized AI-driven discovery with an employee-led approach you'll get a full overview of processes happening in your organization and easily prioritize the best automation ideas. Our powerful AI technology provides you with scientific process maps and suggests the most promising RPA opportunities while the human-led approach allows you to constantly engage employees, get their perspective on the mundane processes in your company, and leverage their institutional knowledge to uncover hidden automation opportunities.

The UiPath RPA Planning toolkit successfully brings together the best of both worlds, optimizing your automation strategy, and combining the powers of human- and technology-led process discovery.

Q: What's the difference between back-end and front-end process capturing?

A: The combination of Task Mining (formerly Explorer Enterprise) and Process Mining (formerly ProcessGold) will help you get a full overview of the current state of your as-is processes. While Task Mining is focused on task mining (to help you find out what kind of mundane tasks your employees do on a daily basis), Process Mining will give you the back-end perspective of all the processes happening in your organization. Process Mining will access your back-end data from IT systems and tell the story about how these processes work together, what their impact is, and the back-end parts of tasks your employees do.

Q: Where can I sign up to try the Task Mining and Task Capture (formerly Explorer family of products) as well as the Automation Hub (formerly Connect Enterprise)?

A: You can get more information about Automation Hub and Task Capture and start your trial on the official AH page.

To get more info about Task Mining, please visit the UiPath Task Mining webpage.

Q: What is the licensing model for UiPath process discovery products?

A: Task Capture

  • Community Edition – A free Community license can be requested, lasting a limited period of time. This type of license is renewable. This option can only be activated online.
  • Enterprise Edition – This is offered as a part of Automation Hub.

Task Mining – More details about licensing are coming soon.

Process Mining – Contact your regional sales representative for details.

Automation Hub

  • Available for a free 2-month trial at uipath.com/connectenterprise.
  • Contact your regional sales representative to discuss enterprise licenses for your CoE.
  • Enterprise licenses include Task Capture.

Q: What are the deployment options for UiPath process discovery products?

A: Task Capture is on-premises solution which represents a desktop app installed on users’ workstation.

Task Mining is on-premises/private cloud solution: a desktop app is installed on users’ workstation while the admin panel is located on the cloud.

The entire Process Mining platform is designed for a secure and fast process mining service provider in the cloud or on premise.

Automation Hub is available today as a cloud offering. An on-premises option is planned for 2020.

Q: Where can I get Task Capture and Task Mining?

A: Go to the Task Capture download page and submit the form for the tool download. You’ll be sent an email with the installer links.

Task Mining is about to enter the private preview. For more details about this tool, please visit the UiPath Task Mining page or reach out to your Customer Success Manager at UiPath.

Q: Are UiPath process discovery tools GDPR compliant?

A: Task Capture – Yes, as all the data is stored locally on the user’s machine.

Task Mining – The data is collected in the closed network, but the collection is controlled from cloud. It leaves the network to run analysis, so it is secured and obfuscated to omit private identifiable data.

Process Mining – Yes, integrated anonymization algorithms allow you to anonymize data and ensure GDPR compliance.

Q: What type of data is captured by Task Mining during task mining?

A: Task Mining captures screenshots on each mouse click and keyboard stroke. Also, it collects system metadata with each screenshot.


Q: Has UiPath acquired the ProcessGold company?

A: Yes, UiPath has acquired ProcessGold to deliver an end-to-end process understanding solution. Now, ProcessGold becomes UiPath Process Mining. For more details about the acquisition, please visit this page.


Q: Where can we get the details around Task Mining?

A: If your company has been selected for the private preview of Task Mining, please contact your Customer Success Manager at UiPath and they will provide you with the necessary materials. Otherwise, please stay tuned for the updates which will be available at the UiPath Task Mining page once the product is generally available.


Q: Can I hide certain windows or applications from view while recording?

A: In Task Mining, all apps are 'hidden' from recording by default unless the admin or user adds them to the whitelist.

Task Capture doesn’t have similar functionality up to date.


Q: How is a PDD is created and used?

A: A Process Definition Document (PDD) is a document describing how the process is completed and specifies key metrics like the execution time, number of steps and applications required, number of clicks and text entries, etc. Thus, it is a main deliverable gained from the process discovery. Using Task Capture for process discovery, you can capture process data and export it to a PDD using a customizable Word template. This way, the Automation Hub users can document their automation ideas as PDDs and then export them to Studio in a XAML format as an automation prototype for further robot development. As for the connection of Task Capture with Task Mining and Process Mining, their integration has not been built yet.

Q: Can we have our own template of PDD instead of the predefined template?

A: Yes, you can either customize the available template according to your needs or upload your own Word templates. See more details here.

Q: When selecting applications to capture or not capture, is there specific page level designation within an application or is it strictly at the app level?

A: In Task Mining, it is at the app level as you can create a whitelist of applications you’d like to be captured.

Q: What is the difference between Process Mining, Task Mining, and Task Capture?

A: Although all these tools are designed for process understanding, they differ in their areas of application. Process Mining is used to get a wide overview of business processes in the company while Task Mining offers an opportunity to get a narrow assessment of the specific processes and define best automation opportunities with estimated ROI. Then, Task Capture collects in-depth expert knowledge on processes considered for automation to transform SME’s experience into automation-ready documented workflows.

Q: What is the difference between Task Mining and Task Capture in terms of features and capabilities?

A: Task Mining:

  • Centralized process capturing
  • Smart data collection
  • AI-powered process analysis
  • Automatic PDD generation
  • Workflow Diagram
  • Automation prototypes
  • User management
  • ROI calculation

Task Capture:

  • Employee-controlled process capturing
  • Smart data collection
  • PDD generation
  • Workflow Diagram
  • Automation prototypes
  • Process documentation editing

Q: Can UiPath Task Mining and Task Capture record how one SME performs the task and then compare it to another SME performing the very same task?

A: Yes, with Task Mining, you can invite more employees to record the same task in order to capture and compare how different SMEs perform the same task. After you choose the ultimate automation path, you can ask the SME(s) to use Task Capture to document this process as a PDD for further robot design.

Q: How can I access these tools?

A: Task Capture and Automation Hub are both GA, so anyone can get the Community Edition of Task Capture here and also sign up for a trial of CEH here. For Task Mining and Process Mining, you can register for the Insider Preview Program at uipath.com/insider and select "Process Discovery (Explorer)" as an interest. This will work for the UiPath customers and partners as well, and they will receive an email should those previews become broadly available.

Q: What languages are available for Automation Hub?

A: Available only in English for now (additional languages, including Japanese, French, and Russian coming soon)

Q: Does Automation Hub integrate with Active Directory?

A: Active Directory integration is targeted for 2020.

Q: Is Automation Hub available on premises?

A: Automation Hub is a SaaS solution, hosted in UiPath Microsoft Azure (on-premises options forthcoming).

Q: What are the hardware requirements for Automation Hub? Is this a simple website? Need a DB I assume? What hardware do I need to have requested?

A: Automation Hub is website accessible by mobile or desktop browsers. No special hardware is needed.

Q: Does the system identify duplicate ideas? With current ones and archived ones?

A: The idea submitter’s direct manager should check whether the automation idea is a duplicate. Direct managers serve as the initial gatekeepers for the pipeline of submitted ideas. Direct managers push forward ideas by identifying duplicates and approving ideas they endorse for further consideration.

Q: Is Automation Hub a substitute for a code repository like Azure DevOps?

A: Automation Hub gives you complete control of the automation lifecycle, including secure storage of automation components. We’ll continue to release integrations that help you use Automation Hub with your favorite DevOps tools.

Q: Is there a trial license for Automation Hub?

A: Yes, you can sign up for a free 2-month trial at uipath.com/connectenterprise.

Q: Will there be a module for process discovery products in the Academy?

A: Yes, please stay tuned for new Academy offerings in the near future. We also plan to continue to add “in-app” training to the new planning suite.

Q: Is there a way to hide an automation idea within the automation pipeline? Or are all submitted ideas always visible?

A: Reviewers may archive or reject an idea.

  • Archived - The component is no longer available for download and will not be visible for other users, but it will still be visible for you, in the My Components section.
  • Rejected (permanently) - This means that your component will not be published on the platform and most likely the Curator will share with you the results of his analysis together with the reasoning behind his decision. You can choose to archive your component so you will have a good overview of the ones which are still in progress.
  • Rejected (needs update) - This means that your component needs a few adjustments before being published on the platform. Following the Curator's feedback, you can edit the component. At this stage you can still withdraw or delete it, if needed.

Q: Is there a place to check the Automation Hub plan price?

A: Automation Hub is free for unlimited business users. Please reach out for more information on Center of Excellence (CoE) user pricing.

Q: Are there any plans to add remote version management (such as GIT) into the UiPath Connect platform? Would go nicely along with all the other documentation for a certain automation.

A: Yes, and we’re eager to hear what potential integrations would be most helpful for you. Please suggest them at uipath.productboard.com.

Q: Are there plans to include into Automation Hub ROI per process and allow to calculate payback period?

A: Under each automation idea’s Cost Benefit Analysis tab, you can calculate ROI, and the estimated costs and benefits over 2 years.

Q: Is Automation Hub included as part of the Studio license or do we need to purchase a license?

A: Automation Hub is licensed separately from Studio. You can sign up for a free trial at uipath.com/connectenterprise.

Q: Is it possible to add multiple email contacts as the process owners in Automation Hub?

A: Yes

Q: How much traction are you seeing in the market with Automation Hub?

A: Though Automation Hub just launched, we’re seeing tremendous demand for it. Customers have been integral to proving the demand during our private preview, with orgs like Alphabet (a BMW Group Company) saying: “We had the opportunity to test the software in advance and we are thrilled. We expect a lot of time savings, less discussions and much better experience from idea-selection through assessment, until development.”

Q: Is it possible to export pipeline information from Automation Hub to Excel to make additional analysis?

A: Yes, you can export your Automation Pipeline as a CSV file.

Q: Can you edit parameters set for a project in Automation Hub after initial setup, such as how digital it is or how structured the data is, so that it re-evaluates where it sits in the priority stack?

A: Yes, using the edit button on the Automation Profile page, you can adjust parameters over time.

Q: How long will the trial period can be active and how soon can I get onboarded?

A: You can sign up for a 2-month trial instantly at uipath.com/connectenterprise.

Q: How can RPA developers/architects assess processes that are submitted by employees within Automation Hub?

A: RPA developers and architects can receive email alerts when new automation ideas are submitted. From there, using the ROI Calculator and details provided by the submitter, the CoE can determine what should be automated, and adjust the automation phase accordingly.

Q: Is there a way to anonymously submit an automation candidate?

A: All automation ideas are tied to the uploader’s profile, but we’ll take this feedback into consideration for the roadmap.