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November 11-14th

Webinar Series: The Next Generation of RPA
Deep dives on the only platform for an ‘Automation First’ mindset

To Stay Ahead, You Must Evolve

Through advancements in process understanding, human-to-robot collaboration, and business impact analytics, this new release allows businesses to truly embrace an ‘automation first’ mindset by giving them the ability to plan, measure, and engage with automations across the enterprise—all from a single platform.

Watch the webinar recordings to learn best practices and future-proof strategies for using the next generation of the UiPath automation lifecycle offering.

UiPath Platform Release Webinar: Powering the Entire Automation Lifecycle

November 11

Join us for an introduction to the next generation of the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform, with new capabilities that support end-to-end automation processes and significant enhancements to AI that will allow your company to:

Plan your automations: identify, document, analyze and prioritize processes using the power of AI - empowering you to plan your automation implementation in a way that maximizes impact and ROI;
Build, Manage and Run your automations. Build and manage your robots in a way that optimizes your human employees’ time and effort;
Engage with your automations: automate more by engaging humans in your automations to handle exceptions and approvals;
Measure your automations: gain insights and align your Robotic Operations Center (ROC) with strategic business outcomes.

You’ll also hear directly from insider customers who plan to use these new features in real-world automations.


UiPath Explorer Webinar: Plan to Maximize Your Automation Potential

November 12

The UiPath Platform now helps you plan the best business processes to automate with the combination of data-driven products powered by AI and crowd sourced suggestions from your employees. In this webinar we look at planning with a specific focus on process discovery. This is a crucial stage of the RPA journey is process discovery, which helps uncover productivity gaps and automation opportunities within the enterprise. When completed manually, however, this stage can also be expensive, anecdotal, and inefficient, leading to an automation implementation that doesn’t reach its full potential.

Join us for a deep dive into UiPath process discovery solution: a new set of products that uses the power of AI to streamline process discovery and help you scientifically determine the best opportunities for automation, thereby maximizing the ROI of your automation implementation.


UiPath Apps Webinar: Engage Humans-in-the-Loop to Scale Your Automations

November 13

In order to scale an RPA implementation, robots and human workers need to be able to work together seamlessly on longer and more complex business processes that often require exception, escalation, and approval handling.

In this webinar we take a deep dive into UiPath Apps: a new capability that allows real-time human interaction with unattended robots, empowering users to manage approvals and exceptions while the robot continues its work. Join us to find out how to bring humans and robots together to automate more work from start to finish and scale your RPA initiatives.


UiPath Insights webinar: Measure the Impact of Your Automation Strategy

November 14

In the ‘automation first’ era, the success of an RPA implementation can’t be measured by operational KPIs alone. To demonstrate its true value, RPA needs to show its impact on the business.

Join us for this deep-dive webinar in which our experts are sharing best practices for demonstrating the impact of RPA across the enterprise. Additionally, they discuss the UiPath RPA analytics vision and roadmap, including more about some exciting announcements.


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