Accelerating Humanitarian Aid Objectives with Automation

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The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine and the surrounding region is costing and threatening lives and livelihoods, driving families apart, and causing mass displacement. More than one million people have already fled Ukraine in recent days, and it is estimated there could be four million Ukrainian refugees in the region if conflict continues.

Our UiPath community and their families and friends are experiencing the impact, too. Each day, we are hearing from employees about the tragic impacts associated with this crisis. We’re fundraising with the UiPath Foundation and our partners Benevity and Good Today. But we asked ourselves what more we can do as a company to ensure people get the support they need to keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe.

And we knew there was more we could do to urgently help.

Effective immediately, UiPath is making available its automation platform to humanitarian organizations providing direct support for the delivery of medical supplies and aid and helping support refugees fleeing Ukraine or other countries impacted by the crisis.

  • The UiPath Platform will be available at no cost for the duration of the crisis to humanitarian aid organizations and to any organization providing implementation and support services directly to these organizations.

  • UiPath Professional Services can provide additional assistance towards the rapid deployment of our technology to accelerate aid outcomes. These services will be provided at no cost.

We’re also supporting and encouraging our employees to provide development support to advance the deployment of automation at humanitarian aid organizations.

Automation is offering relief to overwhelmed humanitarian organizations today, and can be used to automate processes such as:

  • UiPath Apps can provide a fast front-end interface for data entry, streamlining screening processes and allowing digital paperwork to be processed quickly and accurately.

  • UiPath Attended Robots can provide direct support to field operations, supporting, for example, the registration, tracking, and onboarding of refugees.

  • UiPath Unattended Robots can speed information sharing and synchronization between systems and organizations involved in the humanitarian supply chain.

  • UiPath Document Understanding can assist in extracting, processing, and interpreting documents and images, including handwriting.

Our company’s values, and foundation of humility, have guided us through these past several years and allowed us to be more responsive to the reality unfolding before us. These ongoing events have been a defining moment for our society—and a defining moment for UiPath.

We believe in the transformative power of automation to bring out the best in our world. And ultimately, we believe this commitment will help to make automation a force for good across our societies, even in the darkest of times.

If you are a humanitarian organization and would like to speak with us, contact us at

Our thoughts and prayers remain with our colleagues, their families, and the people of Ukraine.

Daniel Dines - UiPath (color headshot)
Daniel Dines

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, UiPath

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