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Hiscox insurance AI initiatives insights from UiPath AI Summit 2024

Industry Solutions

May 14, 2024

How Hiscox is combining automation and AI to tackle insurance challenges

Read how leading insurers like Hiscox are using automation to better leverage AI, resulting in enhanced risk assessment, more personalized customer experiences, and more.

Financial services generative AI and automation

Industry Solutions

April 30, 2024

Financial services can bank on the potential of generative AI and automation

Explore key areas where automation and GenAI have already made a real impact in banks and get effective strategies for similar results in your organization.

Elevating customer experience in financial services with automation and AI

Industry Solutions

April 2, 2024

Financial services refined: Elevating customer experience through automation and AI

See how financial services organizations are improving customer experiences by combining automation and AI.

UiPath AI Summit 2024 takeaways


March 20, 2024

Turn AI hype into business results: Top takeaways from UiPath AI Summit 2024

The best of UiPath AI Summit 2024 curated into a convenient read. Get the biggest insights on how business leaders are leveraging automation, large language models, and generative AI to drive significant change.

healthcare automation ROI delivering quality care

Industry Solutions

March 19, 2024

Delivering quality care and ROI with healthcare automation

Automation and AI have the potential to reduce worker burnout and improve ROI for hospitals and healthcare systems. Learn how automation is making healthcare healthier.

Modernizing risk management How AI-powered automation is redefining audit and controls testing

Industry Solutions

February 20, 2024

Modernizing risk management: How AI-powered automation is redefining audit and controls testing

Explore how AI-powered automation is redefining the financial industry's approach to audit and controls, improving accuracy, efficiency, and risk management while reducing costs.

life sciences AI and automation use cases

Industry Solutions

February 6, 2024

Unpacking AI and automation in life sciences: Four impactful scenarios

Explore four ways life sciences organizations can use automation to put AI to work, including one global pharmaceutical that's had over $35 million in annual automation savings.

2024 top automation and AI trends to know now


January 8, 2024

The seven automation and AI trends to know (and act on) right now

2024 promises to be filled with remarkable advancements in the convergence of automation and AI. Here are the top trends to start acting on.

Public sector AI-powered automation with UiPath technology

Industry Solutions

November 29, 2023

Transitioning to AI-powered automation in the public sector

See how AI-powered automation is revolutionizing public sector operations, offering massive efficiency improvements, and cost savings.

Why integration before AI-powered automation is important


November 15, 2023

Integration before AI-powered automation

An insightful look at how the roadmap to AI-powered automation is simplified with a focus on integration.

AI at work turn AI potential into real results with automation


October 9, 2023

AI at work: Turning AI’s potential into real results

How can organizations realize true value from AI now? Automation is the best path to deliver on whatever AI sparks. Here's why.

How UiPath internship changed my perception of AI and automation


August 17, 2023

How my summer at UiPath converted me from automation skeptic to champion

A UiPath intern's firsthand account of her automation adoption journey from "meh" to "yeah!" gives business leaders a unique perspective on how automation can empower their Gen Z employees.

AI innovations: Highlights from Ai4 2023 blog post main image


August 9, 2023

AI innovations: Highlights from Ai4 2023

Read highlights from UiPath Head of AI Strategy Ed Challis' presentation during the Ai4 2023 conference, including an overview of the UiPath AI roadmap and strategy.

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