UiPath Introduces A New Release Strategy

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To accelerate our roadmap for growth opportunities as a leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market, we will continue to enhance our release strategy in 2019.

We delivered 4 releases last year with 2018.4 launching in December 2018 and on January 21st, released the Orchestrator Mobile app, G Suite support for Japanese language, Connect!, and Community Edition v2019.1 of the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform.

Today we are announcing a new release approach that will enable our enterprise customers to select the Platform release that is best suited for their business while providing the flexibility to keep innovating with us through a more frequent delivery cycle for capabilities that are decoupled from the Platform.

Platform semi-annual releases

We will adopt a cadence of two Enterprise Platform updates every year. The timing of these releases target April and October of each year. The April release of each year will be a Fast Track Support (FTS) and the October release will be a Long Term Support (LTS) release. This allows you to select the model that best supports your business requirements. You can learn more about our product support lifecycle  here.

Monthly cadence

In parallel to the semi-annual release cadence for the UiPath RPA Enterprise Platform, we will have a monthly release cadence to preview the next Enterprise Platform under development. Products and services outside the Platform such as new activities, partner integration, UiPath Go! components, etc. will also follow the monthly release cadence to iterate for continuous feedback and innovation.

Release communications

Every third Monday of the month, we will communicate any new product capabilities or services delivered that month on this blog. In April and October this will include information on the Enterprise Platform release that month. Downloads will be available and aligned with these communications.

Editor's note: in 2023, we made updates to the information above. For updates on each month's product release, visit the Release Notes section of the UiPath Documentation site.

Release naming

We will move to a simple release naming convention that will make it easy to understand the associated product support lifecycle.

Preview Releases:

  • Monthly preview releases from January to March will be called "2019 Fast Track Preview"

  • Monthly releases from May to September will be called "2019 Preview"

  • The November and December monthly preview release will be called "2020 Fast Track Preview"

Enterprise Releases and Patches:

  • The April enterprise release will be called "2019 Fast Track"

  • Patches post-April enterprise release will be called "2019 Fast Track Update x"

  • The October enterprise release will be called "2019 LTS"

  • Patches post-October enterprise release will be called "2019 Update x"

The above is a representation of the calendar year 2019. This release naming convention will continue for 2020.

Introducing the next evolution of Beta - Insider Preview Program

We are creating an Insider Preview Program to provide a mechanism for you to access the monthly preview (private or public) builds. The intent of the program is to be at the intersection of quality, continuous feedback, and release; a place where you talk, we listen. We encourage you to join the next evolution of Beta - Insider Preview Program. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to join the program.

This new release approach is a major step forward for us and the RPA industry. We remain committed to your success.

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Param Kahlon

EIR, Canvas Ventures

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