Accelerate your quote-to-cash process with UiPath


Even if you have ‌great products and a winning sales team, a significant glitch, or lack of automation in your sales process can seriously impact the flow and timing of a sales cycle.

The good news is that quote-to-cash (Q2C) processes have emerged over time as the most effective way of optimizing and organizing end-to-end sales operations.

When tightly streamlined, an efficient Q2C process provides swift and accurate support and integration for sales opportunities. It can be used in various activities like: deal approvals, product configuration, quotes, contracts, invoicing, and receipt of revenues.

In our next Connector Corner Community webinar, "Accelerate revenue generation using UiPath API-centric business automation", we will focus on some of these critical Q2C use cases. You will have the opportunity to see quote-to-cash automation in action.

Our Q2C workflow demonstration, presented by Senior Solution Engineer James Dickson, will combine and apply the following prebuilt connectors from the Integration Service Connector catalog:

  • Salesforce

  • Slack

  • DocuSign

  • Xero (ERP)

  • UiPath GenAI Activities

Note that Xero provides the opportunity to showcase a custom connector as created through Connector Builder for Integration Service.

Additionally, there will be a special guest appearance by UiPath Apps supporting interactive automation.

The presented demo will focus on the front and back end of a Q2C process, including:

  • Capturing sales opportunity details from Salesforce

  • Obtaining deal approval and discounts

  • Sending quote to customer

  • Executing contract signatures via DocuSign

  • Triggering invoice delivery

  • Creating customer in Xero

  • Summarizing contract details and populating the UiPath App for the delivery team to see

Join us by registering at the UiPath Community Connector Corner series session, for AMER, or EMEA.

charlie greenberg uipath product marketing manager
Charlie Greenberg

Senior Product Marketing Manager, UiPath