UiPath Community Year in Review 2022

UiPath Community Year in Review 2022

As we wrap up 2022, it's high time to look back and honor our learnings, moments, and achievements. Here are the five key takeaways that defined our UiPath Community experience in 2022.

1. We met, learned, and fostered ideas together. We gathered, virtually and in person after a long COVID isolation. The incredible chapter leaders put all their passion and commitment and gathered the community in more than 600 events across 43 countries. Some of them going back to meeting and greeting in on site spaces, cozy offices, university campuses, coffee stores or parks, you name it. Our #UiPathAroundTheWorld social media campaign helped us celebrate our entire diversity and worldwide spread. 

We also hosted three immersive MVP Summits that brought together in person our top MVPs and product leaders in India, Romania and the United States to share innovative ideas, use cases and product feedback. While we nurtured innovation, everyone got the chance to create valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and foster a culture of sharing for the benefit of the whole automation space. To get a sense of the summit experience, check out this video.

In 2022, we gathered virtual or in person, in multiple venues and programs. So, thank you for being “frequent flyers” with us. From RPA Developer Kickstarter to Reboot Your Skills, RPA Summer School, Technology Integration Series, Test Suite series, Infrastructure series or Automation Hub series, we received more than 60,000 registrations to our community events. To continue the trend, in 2023, we keep you connected through a series dedicated to product deep dives in collaboration with our product managers. Check out the Dev Dive series and register for the events. 

 The UiPath HyperHack welcomed 560+ hackers from 38 countries and we were impressed to see the incredible number of use cases for the UiPath Apps category alone. Check a summary of the winning solutions and their innovative approach using Test Suite, Apps and the entire UiPath Platform. Start with a simple download to generate test automation scenarios as per one of the solutions uploaded on the UiPath Marketplace:  Automated Test Case Generator

2. Regarding the UiPath product suite, you attended sessions on core products like UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator and Robots and we saw a visible growth in choosing UiPath Apps, UiPath AI Center, UiPath Document Understanding and UiPath Automation Hub. 2022 brought multiple new functionalities and enhancements, and the 2022.10 release was well received by many. We invite you to do a recap here

As per the data we collected from 1,500 responses in the Year in Review Survey we found out that the most effective learning methods that you chose in the community are: watching tutorials, completing courses on the UiPath Academy, and reading blogs on the UiPath Community Blog. You declare to be motivated to learn new skills, keep up to date with the current platform developments, assess your current skills, solve challenges, and make connections with peers in automation.  

Your intention for growth in 2023 is around Process Mining, Automation Hub, Automation Cloud, Task Mining and AI Center, so stay tuned, subscribe to our Community Newsletter and join the events that you are most interested in.   3. Together we supported social causes and education. We had our first Automation Education Summit 2022, a virtual stage for all the visionary educators, trainers, and academia leaders to share best practices and get inspired on how to include further automation in their academic curriculum.

 2022 was also a year when automation and the community leaders had major contributions to support the ones in need. With the war starting in Ukraine, people like our MVP Eduard Shlepetskyy and his team from Ective, immediately acted and supported refugees in need of accommodation and support. Check out this video from FORWARD 5. 

We are grateful to see how automation can help with child welfare, speeding up the adoption process for families and kids in foster care. Check out the use case built by our MVP, Lahiru Fernandez together with Kreig Fields from Boundaryless and documented in the community blog to inspire others. 

4. Your voice was well received in the State of the RPA Developer Report. Read more about how the voice of RPA Developers matters when considering technology and tools in organizations, the level of trust and confidence that the RPA Developer profession is growing, and what is the demand in hiring RPA developers. Read the full report

 5. Finally, one highlight of 2022 is that in December we launched the UiPath Credentials to help you collect your professional achievements in a better-suited way. We also honored the most active Forum members with their own personalized year in review, and we are preparing to launch more badges, certifications and ways of rewarding you for your contribution to the automation space.

 With multiple programs dedicated to rewarding you, there's a place in the community for those with strong expertise, those that are just starting as Citizen Developers, or who are interested in growing as Student Champions and bringing automation to their campus. Everyone is welcome and recognized!  Our mission is to strengthen community spirit while you succeed in your personalized automation journey. If you know that 2023 is the year to get the most out of your automation journey and contribute to the UiPath Community, keep an eye on the MVP Program or become one of the active UiPath Forum contributors, blog authors, or chapter leaders. Thank you for driving this automation mission further and for many more stories, achievements and breakthroughs that help us all do the meaningful and let automation take care of the rest.  

  Corina Gheonea is a Director, Global Community

corina gheonea uipath
Corina Gheonea

Senior Director, Marketing Community, UiPath