Connector Corner: Building your own marketing automation


With prebuilt connectors, reimagining your sales, and marketing automations just got easier

When automation discussions turn to sales and marketing, we think of single-vendor platforms. Like automated workflows, Customer Resource Management (CRM) shares a reputation for streamlining repetitive tasks and manual processes.

Modular by nature, CRM provides a single source of sales data, account tracking, sales analytics, and internal team messaging. Another important offering is, of course, customer communication via email and social media.

Creating new workflows using CRM—and other systems

Companies maintain multi-vendor software environments. Meaning it is not uncommon to find overlap between CRM and other vendor applications. So, while your CRM system may drive your next automation, there’s still the opportunity to consider, for example, alternative messaging, or email applications. Or, depending on use case, other Generative AI (artificial intelligence) solutions.

Maximizing use-case synergies across diverse technology investments is key to continuous improvement and innovation. Exploring new ways of combining both the capabilities available in your CRM platform and other preexisting systems can increase the flexibility and value of both.

Begin automating by aligning and integrating with the systems you need

Our Connector Corner Community webinar series is all about using prebuilt, best-in-class API integrations to accelerate building automated workflows.

Housed in the Connector Catalog of UiPath Integration Service, each API-based connector provides easy-to-use activities, or application operations, as well as often providing event, or time-based triggers. This enables citizen developers to quickly deploy API-based integrations for many business processes, such as order-to-cash, contract-to-lead management, and proposal-to-contract processing.

Power your next email campaign with Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and OpenAI integrations

In our next interactive Connector Corner webinar presentation is this coming December 19. We will show you some simple, yet powerful ways of deploying additional systems to help expand CRM automated workflows in your organization.

Product Manager Akshay Agnihotri will explain and demo the following ‘how to’:

  • Connect CRM with Mailchimp as an alternative email provider

  • Automatically add a new CRM sales lead or contact to your existing subscription list

  • Use a time-based trigger to kick off a weekly email campaign

  • Generate email content via the OpenAI Connector, and send the email to all contacts—including the new contact just added to your subscription list.

Please join us by registering here for December 19 at 10:00 am EST, or here for 3:00 pm BST. Also, feel free to browse our exciting new Connector Corner demo collection.

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charlie greenberg uipath product marketing manager
Charlie Greenberg

Senior Product Marketing Manager, UiPath