UiPath Chatbots

RPA + chatbots?
Now you’re talking.

With our chatbot capability, your customers and employees can now trigger robots to do things (like checking order status or posting data in your CRM) through chatbots, social messaging apps, or even voice. In plain language.

Who knew robots could be such brilliant conversationalists?

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Easily automate conversational processes​

We’ve natively integrated the leading no-code, AI-powered chatbot from Druid into the UiPath Platform. So, with a great chatbot at the core, you'll build conversational automations in UiPath Studio, manage them in UiPath Orchestrator, and enjoy all the functionality of our Attended Robots.

​In other words, it’s as simple to automate conversations between people and robots as it is to automate any other process. Which is to say, pretty darn simple.​


Get a chatbot that speaks 40+ languages. Including Robot.​

Not only can Druid chatbots talk to practically any person in the world—they can also talk to robots.

​So a Druid chatbot can tell a robot, “hey, my customer’s asking about this order—can you look it up?” And it can take information from a robot and insert it back into a chat (“Ma’am, our systems say we don’t have this item in brown; would you take blue?”). And so on, and so forth, until an order’s complete and the customer’s happy.


Play an entirely new game in customer service​

What if you could interact with customers at any time they wanted, in the language of their choice? And do so through their favorite social media channels as well as your website? What if you could move from request to fulfillment with no human intervention and no errors, even if you have legacy backend systems? Well you can. No really—you can. ​​
Check out Contact Center Automation for even more possibilities. ​

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Give back some quality time to your people​

Instead of having to open, enter, and exit dozens of applications and enterprise systems each day, let your people use a single window and plain simple language to ask a robot to do it for them. ​​

Hey, even if it saves them just 10 minutes a day, that’s one full work-week a year. Woo-hoo!​

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Use your own chatbot, if you’d like

Our open platform offers direct integration with the leading chatbots—so you can bring yours along on your automation journey.

We’ve made it so easy to automate
conversational processes, it just
might leave you speechless​


AI-rich conversation templates for 300+ business scenarios: multiple industries and roles ​


Flexible connectivity through websites, plus FB Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Slack, Mail, Skype, more​


Easy configuration of enterprise applications​ using Druid Connectors and the UiPath Platform​


Powerful, flexible NLP engine and one-click engine update​


Bidirectional communication between robots and chatbots​


On premises, hybrid, or cloud​ whichever you prefer​


45+ languages ​covering almost everyone in the world​


Native integration​ with UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, and Attended Robots​


Rapid deployment ​in about 2 weeks​

"With UiPath-Druid integration, we’ve cut the credit deferral request process from 10 minutes to 20 seconds"

Nicolae DOCA · Director Project Management, OTP Bank


30xmore time-to-serve for help desk agents

3xmore back office capacity to handle request

100%back-end accuracy: no human error

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