Humans of UiPath: Amziane Hamedi On Thinking Outside the Box and the Challenges of his Job

a photo of Amziane Hamedi

Beginning of 2018, the French adventure of UiPath  started. Ever since the office in Paris has become the RPA reference on the French market. People work with customers from a various number of industries such as Banking, Insurance, Retail etc. Working with so many different customers allow UiPath to have a strong impact on saving precious time for employees all over France and helping them use their energy for more complex and value-added tasks.   

Amziane Hamedi is a Pre-sales consultant. "I work a lot with my sales colleagues", he says. "Usually, we structure a vision around our customer challenges in order to tackle them in the best way possible. Our goal is to partner with them and help them achieve their goals.” Amziane knows this goes beyond the sales exercise with the customers.

We are not actually selling robots. We are not selling only technical features. We are selling a vision. Our goal is to help our customers in this wonderful journey, and I try to humbly guide them in that direction."

“I always have to think outside the box in order to deliver the best vision for the customer" he explains. “This is not an easy work; indeed, RPA is new to the market. The customers may be skeptical sometimes. If you are a salesperson, your job is a mix between selling and evangelizing”, he adds.  

Amziane is not only working closely with the sales and partner teams but also with the product teams. Part of his job is also to make people within UiPath grow and learn about our new features can be part of a larger story "Our product is evolving very fast and nicely. I have to keep up with all the changes to show the continuous improvements and our value". It's not only our product that Amziane is keeping up with. "It makes sense that at work we are constantly looking for ways to do things better. So I always keep myself up to date on the competition and the market." 

a photo of Amziane Hamedi

Amziane has been working at UiPath since March 2019. Before that, he worked for ten years for a digital transformation company, now a partner of UiPath. "Working for this company had been an amazing experience about innovation and how-to bring value to customers on specific subjects such as AI or automation. One day, I had the opportunity to meet UiPath. I noticed with excitement the challenges and the determination of UiPath, this is what made me decide I wanted to join.” 

The environment has been changing since Amziane joined. When he is asked how he would describe life at UiPath to someone external, he honestly answers: "If you had asked me that in March, I would have another answer. If you had asked me in July, I would have another one. And it goes on like this. Strategically speaking, we have a clear vision of where we want to go. And we are continuously improving ourselves on a tactical level to make our vision and our customer's match. I think UiPath is agile. In every meaning of the word. We are continuously trying to structure ourselves. It's a company where you go if you want challenges!"  

Amziane is a curious and passionate man, he enjoys urban photography. "I love to explore concrete jungle; I try to make justice to those aging places that were once life places. I may be exaggerating by saying this but, for me, it shows the impact that our actions can have through time.”   

It’s been a few months since he started and Amziane enjoys his ride at UiPath. "I think our culture is evolving. I don't know if it's possible to have the same culture for life. Two hundred people are very different from three thousand people. Nevertheless, we have managed to keep our DNA intact."

a portrait photo of Mircea Mocanu, Employer Branding Manager at UiPath
Mircea Mocanu

Employer Branding Manager, UiPath