10 September 2020

Interns of UiPath: A Deeper Look into the Engineering Internship Program

10 September 2020

Interns of UiPath: A Deeper Look into the Engineering Internship Program

“UiPath is known to be the leading company in Robotic Process Automation, and I found the concept of this technology very interesting. UiPath's culture was also very compelling.” 


Like for most companies, our 2020 Engineering Internship was a bit unique. After scrambling to adjust to a new working environment due to the global pandemic and questioning how our internship program would function, we overhauled our 12-week program so students could work virtually from the comfort of their home. We invited six bright students to work alongside our engineers from our Bellevue and Brooklyn based teamsWe received feedback from our interns to gain better insights on their experience. 


Kush Mathur


When filling our engineering intern positions, we look for candidates who demonstrate passion, have an entrepreneurial spirit and do their research on UiPath. Our interns solve real problems, and a lot of their work goes into production and are live features on current UiPath products. I worked on the Customer Portal team in Brooklyn. My supervisor would send me assignments to work on with features to add or bugs to fix on the platform, and they would go into production that same week.” Our program is built to test our interns and better prepare them to walk into any tech company and excel as a SWE I. I worked with the Trust team and collaborated with a software engineer in Romania. I managed my entire project including front end  and back end.” 


Throughout their 12-week program, our interns work on a capstone project that they eventually present to their office. Prior interns had their projects presented by the keynote speaker at the UiPath Forward event in Las Vegas. Other projects they worked on use our technology to increase efficiency in departments“I created a website that gave the Legal team more flexibility in managing open source licenses. This involved importing all the dependencies used across all UiPath projects and adding features beyond what UiPath's current open source licensing software uses.” These projects are to test our interns and push them to think creativity and solve real-life problems. 


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Our Engineering Internship Program also aims to allow students to experience a fast-growing organization and to contribute to developing emerging technologies. It really caters to students who are hungry for hands-on work and who aren’t afraid of failing forward. “It was interesting observing a company in transition from start-up to a public company. I am not sure if UiPath is an exception among startups at this stage, but its international presence is impressive.”  


Watch this video to hear more about our interns' experience. These students were from our 2019 program and were based in Bellevue and Romania. 



For any student who is interested in our next internship or wants to find out more about UiPath, please visit our website to find out more information.  


by Jessi Smith

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