UiPath Orchestrator

Perfect harmony for your robot ensemble

Key advantages

Higher process performance
& cost reduction

Intelligent Operations throughout your enterprise. Benefit from intelligent scheduling, intelligent execution and intelligent scalability technology. Orchestrator enables you to automate faster than the competition, run more processes with fewer robots and build virtual workforces with less infrastructure. This creates faster and higher ROIs and produces performance improvements in shorter timeframes.

Global deployment with
unlimited scale

Built with a modern and modular architecture, Orchestrator can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Physical or virtual machines, it is easy and practical to start small and grow quickly. Orchestrator is the only RPA solution platform able to place multiple robots on a single VM, bringing you unrivaled scaling and cost advantages.

Flexible and low cost

Orchestrator is also the industry’s only solution platform whose architecture offers multi-tenancy. This feature gives RPA groups within an organization the ability to create their own separate, secure, space for robots—instead of adding more infrastructure. This dramatically reduces the organization’s automation operating costs and infrastructure investment.

Better decision-making

With robots logging every activity and outcome, Orchestrator delivers deep business workflow information with powerful analytics expressed in dynamic reporting formats. This functionality is rooted in the ability of industry-leading Elasticsearch to store and quickly query large data sets and Kibana dynamic reporting.

Key Facts

Orchestrator Features