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On-Demand Product Demo:
Using Connect Enterprise Hub to Track and Scale RPA

Unlock the full potential of your automations


Photo of Teresa Wu

Teresa Wu

Product Marketing Director, UiPath

Photo of Joe Edwards

Joe Edwards

Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

Connect Enterprise Hub is a brand-new tool that will help your team discover, prioritize, and track automation ideas, all in one place. By bringing all the right members of your team together and giving them a common framework and language for tracking the entire automation lifecycle, you can scale RPA beyond initial quick wins and unlock the potential of your automation initiatives.

In this demo we walk you through how to use Connect Enterprise, from submitting an idea, to calculating the ROI of an automation, and following through the decision pipeline to implementation.


This video explains:

  • What Connect Enterprise is and why we built it
  • The main features of Connect Enterprise
  • How Connect Enterprise helps your RPA initiatives thrive at scale


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