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Automation is helping organizations around the world become faster and more agile in the face of increased demand and rapidly changing environments, proving that if we work together we can adapt to extraordinary circumstances.

Customer stories

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Automating to enable essential hospital services

In Ireland, more than 100 people will be tested for the COVID-19 virus each day and remote clinics have been set up throughout the country to handle the influx of patients. These clinics send patient information to hospitals across the country, with Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Dublin acting as one of the country’s main information hubs.

As fast diagnosis and response are crucial in preventing the spread of COVID-19, Mater Hospital is introducing software robots to automate the processing of test results.

The project will see a software robot assigned to every nurse in the department, lessening the strain placed upon by them by COVID-19, as well as the daily necessity to complete huge amounts of administrative tasks—as hospital staff need not only communicate test results, but also report every patient’s data to national bodies in contact with the World Health Organization (WHO). Read Mater Hospital’s story  →

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Transforming clinical trials with automation

To bring a new drug to market, it can cost over $2B. Many industry experts see a need to transform the way clinical trials are conceived, designed and conducted to battle declining ROI. The solution: RPA. As one of the world’s largest Contract Research Organizations—handling every aspect of the drug and device development process for pharmaceutical and medical device clients—ICON plc has been introducing digital automation into the drug development process for several years to increase efficiency and reduce time and costs.

Pandemics like COVID-19 drive unprecedented spikes in demand for new drugs. With automation, the way drugs are conceived can be sped and allow for agility and results.

A robot can complete a task in under 30 hours. That’s compared to more than a week for a human. Robots ensure 100% accurate processing of clinical data, and RPA drives improved compliance by delivering full auditability of robot.

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How organizations all over the world are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) right now

Manage the high volume of testing requests

Automating the check-in process in the healthcare industry eliminates human error and allows digital paperwork to be processed quickly and accurately, ensuring faster service.

Support the increased need in call centers

Agents supported by RPA are pulling customer data faster, ensuring a faster call triage process, faster routing to the appropriate agents, and reduced average call handling time.

Reduce wait time for testing requests

The demand for testing is exponential, and in some cases can lead to 6-hour long lines. An attended robot can execute a testing transaction in 15 seconds, down from 2.5 minutes for a human, significantly reducing wait times.

Fill orders for necessities faster

To meet the exponential increase in demand for certain items, one customer is now shipping directly from the manufacturing location to the customer. RPA robots process all orders and enter them into SAP to get the order to the manufacturing center faster.

Prepare and enable a remote workforce

Automating the process of registering new equipment for remote workers, as well as associating the equipment to the worker and creating new users for the VPN.

Calculate unforeseen costs

A robot checks the home broadband and 4G connectivity available in a given postcode and asks workers to provide details on their own home package, to help establish the percentage of workers currently set up for remote work and calculate the cost of upgrading network bandwidth for those who aren’t.

UiPath speeds up health claims verification process

Leading US-based health insurance company now processes over 300 claims an hour by deploying UiPath RPA solutions with Sogeti.

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RPA transforms the way businesses operate

Automation is a way to resolve quickly the unprecedented volume or demand that comes from fast-changing environments. It is the first step in digital transformation.

70% of organizations say that RPA releases employees from mundane tasks and helps them focus on more strategic and creative tasks. (Source)

80% efficiency increase. As many as 80% of your standard, rules-based processes can be automated using robots. (Source)

32x faster process time. An automated process with RPA can be 32 times faster than doing it manually. (Source)

  • Better accuracy

  • Improved compliance

  • Fast cost savings

  • Increased speed and production

  • Scalability

Automation solutions you can employ today

These pre-built robots are available right now in our marketplace—an extensive online library of reusable RPA components.
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Health screening bot

This automation was recently created by our UiPath China team to help us keep track of our employees’ health every day.
Find out more   →

How software robots are helping companies put employee health first

With the Health Screening Bot, employees were able to improve their screening procedures.
Read the blog post   →

Clearing the epidemic of healthcare backlogs with automation

Automation may even be able to speed diagnosis of tuberculosis and pneumonia
Read the blog post   →

COVID-19 Help Bot

This automation retrieves the list of subscribers from a spreadsheet and emails everyone a daily report on coronavirus updates scraped from various online data sources, including latest stats and COVID-19 cases nearby based on the zip code of the subscriber. The intent is to provide information on risk levels, latest progression and news, where to get help if needed, etc., without the user having to do the digging every time.

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Building the future of work together

Our UiPath RPA Community consists of more than 750,000 developers worldwide. Through outreach on our Community Forum of 52,000 users, they have come together to brainstorm new automations and create solutions for those organizations most impacted by the spread of COVID-19. Within 48-hours, nearly 100 volunteers sprung to action and began to collaborate on their ideas using UiPath’s Automation Hub, building and collaborating right away on nearly 20 automations that businesses can use.

New components will be added to the marketplace as soon as possible.


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