Accelerate your work from home routine

6 fun, useful robots you can download, build, and customize!

Whether you’re a newly remote worker trying to stay productive, a student exploring the possibilities of distance learning, or a self-starter trying to take advantage of the time at home, there has never been a better time to learn Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

If you’ve always wanted a robot assistant, this is your chance! RPA enables you to automate various tasks from an easy-to-use design studio—no technical experience necessary. Use these robots to work (or play) more effectively and learn the technology that is changing the nature of work.

Why learn RPA?

Your robot assistants are here

My Assistant

Spend less time on your inbox

This robot gives you a quick, easy way to scan your email inbox for the important stuff. Once a day, it sends you a single message showing the first few lines of each of your unread messages.

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Manage your meetings more efficiently

This robot identifies conflicts in your Google calendar and sends messages to the originators of the meetings you can’t attend, telling them you’d like to reschedule.

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Movie Junkie

Discover your new favorite movies

Tell this robot the name of a movie you like, and it will search Amazon Prime for other movies from that director’s filmography, then add them to your movie queue.

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Translate your documents into 60+ languages

Translate one or more Office documents, plain text HTML, or PDF documents to another language, quickly and easily.

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Reliable Friend

Never miss a birthday again

This robot posts a Facebook message for you whenever one of your friends has a birthday. You can quickly extend this robot to write any kind of message based off activities on your calendar.

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File Converter

Quickly and easily switch between file types

This robot handles converting files from DOC to DOCX, XLS to XLSX, and vice versa. It can also convert Word files to PDF.

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Follow these 3 steps to start building your robots:

Step 1

Register on UiPath Community Cloud to download the Community Edition and get three robots, FREE.

Step 2

Log in to Marketplace to see the extensive library of automations available for download.

Step 3

Choose your automation and start building!

For Mac Users: UiPath Studio is built on Windows Workflow Foundation and requires Microsoft Windows to run. That said, some UiPath clients use Studio on a Mac with these solutions.

Join our RPA community! Sign in to the UiPath Forum to chat with other developers, ask questions, and advance your knowledge.

Interested in bringing RPA education to a college or university?

We invite educators from institutions of higher education around the world to join the UiPath Academic Alliance—an educational movement that is driving the future of work.

Be an RPA pioneer, empower students with future-ready careers, and connect them with RPA experts.

Teach the skills of tomorrow

Automation is the future of work and RPA skills are already in high demand.

Download the ebook to see “Why Robots will be the best thing to happen to your career.”

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Using Automation to Upskill Students at George Mason University

As the future of work is shaped by emerging technologies, educators are turning to RPA to reskill and upskill their students. Watch the full webinar to learn more.

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