Webinar: How to Use Task Mining and Process Mining to Build Resiliency into Your Business


Photo of Martijn Wijffelaars

Martijn Wijffelaars

Head of Product, Process Mining, UiPath

Photo of Christian Berg

Christian Berg

Director Product Management Machine Learning, UiPath

Photo of Sunil Tahilramani

Sunil Tahilramani

Director product Marketing Artificial Intelligence, UiPath

It’s no doubt the global health crisis has been a huge catalyst and accelerator for companies and their digital transformation initiatives. As we start to take stock and look towards our new reality, it’s never been more apparent that companies need to strengthen their core business processes.

An integrated task mining, process mining, and robotic process automation (RPA) strategy is key to not only rebuilding business processes but also ensuring they stay resistant to future shocks. Watch this webinar to learn how to start future-proofing your business with Task Mining and Process Mining.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the powerful combination of Task Mining and Process Mining
  • Discover how the products use a holistic approach to improve operational efficiency and keep processes on track
  • Learn how you can use process mining to stay agile in highly competitive environments

This webinar is part of the Product Deep Dive webinar series.


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