Five ways automation fuels the data-driven organization

Automating BI and analytics

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Enterprises are increasingly seeing the extraction of value and insights from data as a critical practice to develop. And now, advances in robotic process automation (RPA) are removing the burden of data collection, cleansing, and repair to make the data-driven organization more attainable than ever. Check out our free e-book to learn how UiPath Robots—combined with Tableau’s data analytics and visualization platform—fuel a complete automated process from insights to action.

What’s inside:

  • 5 key ways automation can take you from data innovation dreams to reality

  • How insurer The Holland Group is handling 98% of its cases with robots and saving 2,000 work hours per week

  • Why UiPath Robots and Tableau are the secret sauce behind the data-driven organization

We have a lot of legacy systems. Making sure that data can flow seamlessly between our legacy systems and our newer digital systems is essential. RPA can be quickly programmed to talk with these systems and effectively extract data from one, validate it, and put it into another. It’s fast, efficient, and cost effective.

Manjula Pindoria, Digital Workstream Lead, Brent Council

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