Leveraging RPA and Software Quality Automation to Help Enable Application and Business Optimization

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In this new white paper, IDC experts explore the tangible and downstream benefits of using one platform to support both robotic process automation (RPA) and test automation. 

Over the past two years, UiPath has made significant investments to enable customers to build more resilient robots, reuse components and objects more effectively, and improve the ability to continuously test both the robots and the applications they rely on.  By leveraging one platform for testing and RPA, some UiPath customers have:  

  • Reduced maintenance by more than 50% 

  • Accelerated release cycles 

  • Reused most of their automation components across both teams 

Testing brings over 20 years of experience with automation as a context to accelerate the process for RPA quality.

– Melinda Ballou, IDC Research 

Read this white paper to learn how to use RPA for more precise, effective, and enjoyable testing.