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The General Services Administration (GSA) manages infection counts

COVID-19 Challenge

Speed up collection of infection data

The General Services Administration (GSA) manages office space in about 9,600 buildings all over the United States (U.S.). To track the virus spread within its organization, geographic input must be correlated with the number of infections in each county, in order to build a map of the COVID-19 threat within its properties.

Initially done by staff, as the virus spread across the U.S., the information needs to be updated more than once per day, which adds to the overload of the employees.


An UiPath Robot has been designed to aggregate data and issue a report several times a day. The bot logs into GIS (geographic information systems) and collects information on the buildings GSA manages across the U.S., then, by matching buildings with the county infection count, it enhances the map of infection spread within GSA.