Maximize the human potential of your HR team with RPA

By automating the mundane, repetitive tasks that make your HR team feel like robots, you can create a people-centric workplace that is happier and more productive.

Technology was supposed to make work easier, but well over half of today's work activities involve some combination of emails, administration, interruptions, and meetings. For HR professionals, resume screening, employee onboarding, and compensation and benefit updates take up a lot of time! It’s this kind of busywork that leaves workers feeling dissatisfied, which in turn makes everyone less productive.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the cure for busywork. Download our Reboot Work bundle to receive two eBooks and an in-depth whitepaper that show how RPA helps you eliminate tedious tasks, make your business more efficient, and empower workers to think creatively, solve problems, and connect with people.

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Transforming the HR function (and more) with AI and RPA

Hear from the Global HR Transformation Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP how RPA & AI are helping HR functions deliver stronger impact and benefit to businesses.

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Creating a more human workplace with RPA

An HR department’s mission is to enhance the employee experience, make their company the best place to work, and improve business performance through a people-first approach. RPA can help you achieve all that and more.

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See what your robot coworkers can do

Reclaim up to 40% of your HR professionals’ time by automating mundane, repetitive tasks.

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Focus on people, not paperwork

Hear relevant and tangible examples of how software robots can help HR teams return to focusing on people by automating processes for employee relations, talent acquisition, well-being initiatives, learning and development, and more.

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“In an environment where there are hundreds of repetitive tasks that hold no reason for a human to perform it, UiPath does a great job in helping us automate that and ensure zero errors. All the automation is done through Workflows in UiPath and the best part is that one can create complex workflows without any knowledge of programming.”

- User Review, G2

“It is one of the RPA tools that we use in our organization for automating some of the processes in the HR and Finance departments which require going through a large set of documents, majorly invoices, pay slips and onboarding documents. Our major focus is generally to automate those processes which are rule or pattern based and time consuming. To date, we have automated a huge number of processes and saved our manpower from doing tedious work which involves almost zero creativity.”

- User Review, TrustRadius

“UiPath has been a game changer for my organisation. It has enabled us to automate manual processes greatly speeding them up, improving accuracy and increasing our capacity. UiPath was far cheaper and faster to implement than the wholesale changes we would've needed to make to our core application to automate this work.”

- User Review, Gartner
IT Central Station

Realizing the value of RPA in HR

IT Central Station, which gathers unbiased reviews from the tech community, has put together this PeerPaper based on UiPath users’ experiences with utilizing RPA to automate repetitive, error-prone manual tasks in HR and the many benefits they’ve seen as a result.

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