Reclaim your time and achieve greater efficiency with Legal & Compliance automation

Give your Legal & Compliance departments the power to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and complete time-consuming processes in minutes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The pressure on in-house legal teams is only increasing as organizations look to control risk and reduce costs in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. With business leaders today focused on increasing resilience and business continuity, your Legal and Compliance teams need to be focused on strategic decision-making, not hours of due diligence.

RPA allows you to automate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks—increasing accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness, as well as overall business resilience.

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Automation is upgrading Legal & Compliance functions

See why automation is the future for Legal & Compliance departments trying to gain efficiency and drive business value while controlling costs and limiting risk.

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Create a more effective Legal department with RPA

By automating rules-based and repetitive tasks, you give your Legal & Compliance teams more time—time they can spend on strategic matters, protecting your businesses from risk, and providing the best possible legal advice.

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Automating Legal and Compliance processes at UiPath

Find out how UiPath was able to achieve increased efficiency, cut processing time, and empower an agile team within our own legal department, and how that experience helped grow the business and shape our product roadmap.

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How AI and RPA enable fast, accurate document processing

Learn how robots can read, extract, and interpret information from a wide range of documents as well as cope with handwriting, signatures, checkboxes, tables, and low-quality scans to ensure the highest accuracy.

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“We have been using RPA for a long time now and has proven to be the best automation tool we have used... The best part about RPA is it gave us ease to automate complex processes that are being used in our everyday schedule. There have been many processes that are scheduled to run every day as part of our sanity process, all these have been automated using RPA.”

- User review, G2

“UiPath has totally transformed the way we work these days. Almost 1 year ago we started automating our tasks one by one using UiPath Bots and low and behold a year later we have 95 tasks which is fully run by UiPath bots. I would encourage everyone to use UiPath to make their lives easier.”

- User review, TrustRadius

“UiPath has been a game changer for my organisation. It has enabled us to automate manual processes greatly speeding them up, improving accuracy and increasing our capacity. UiPath was far cheaper and faster to implement than the wholesale changes we would've needed to make to our core aplplication to automate this work.”

- User review, Gartner Peer Insights

IT Central Station

Read the IT Central Station PeerPaper report featuring UiPath users’ experiences using RPA for legal and compliance processes.

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Automate Legal and Compliance with a leader in RPA

For the third consecutive year, UiPath was named a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Robotic Process Automation for its ability to execute.

The time to automate is now and UiPath can help you execute on your digital transformation goals. See why Gartner placed UiPath an RPA leader in the full report.

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