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A robot for every person

Empower people to work with software robots

Imagine the business impact if every employee could rely on a software robot to help with daily work

So people could work faster and more collaboratively. With unrivaled accuracy. ​​And fully focus on innovative tasks that make them happier and maximize the impact on your business.​

What would that do for your company’s productivity? Your employees’ satisfaction? And your ability to compete?​

Can you imagine it?

​Of course you can. After all, that’s what humans do best.​


A robot for every person

That’s our goal for today’s modern workplace, where companies enable every employee to use, create, and benefit from automation—to drive business impact at scale.

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Catch the next wave in productivity improvement

It’s like this: everyone gets a PC, internet, a mobile phone… and now, a robot.​​

If RPA software robots save an employee just 20 minutes a day, that’s more than two work weeks a year—extra time to collaborate, innovate, and grow the business!



What our customers say about ‘a robot for every person’

Discover how companies around the world empower their employees with automation

How to make
'a robot for every person' a reality

Empower every employee to collaborate with software robots or create their own automations—with central oversight and control

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Give a robot assistant to every employee

Every employee can easily access, manage, and run automations themselves with UiPath Assistant right at their desktop and get engaging web experience on top of the existing applications with UiPath Apps.


Democratize automation building

StudioX lets tech-savvy business users ("citizen developers") build automations for their personal or team ​use—with no-code simplicity.

​​Studio gives professional RPA developers advanced RPA software.


Get ideas and pre-built automations from your workforce​

​Use Automation Hub to crowdsource, prioritize, and manage RPA ideas from your business users to generate a high-value pipeline. Validate automations delivered by citizen developers before you distribute them across the organization.


Maintain governance ​and control

Centrally control licensing, monitor robot usage, and deliver automations to your workforce according to department and team permissions in Orchestrator. Control how automations are built with the new governance support in Studio and StudioX.


Giving every employee access to a robot unlocks an automation flywheel

Company-wide robot consumption leads to generating new RPA ideas and automations—massively scaling your RPA results and accelerating even higher usage of automation

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'A Robot for Every Person'—Benefit from RPA at Enterprise-Wide Scale

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