The 2023.10 Release Event

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Automate more, faster, easier with AI

In a global marathon for artificial intelligence (AI), innovating with speed and efficiency can be a challenge. The enhanced UiPath Business Automation Platform has you covered. 

Turn AI’s promise into real business impact and create better ways of working with new, AI-powered capabilities and experiences brought to you by UiPath 2023.10. So join us as we present the highlights of our latest release that'll give you more ways to do what you do best: innovate with automation and AI.

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Solve real-world business problems with AI at work

From UiPath Autopilot to the latest intelligent document processing capabilities through Generative AI integration, explore the latest on our AI-powered platform and its open, flexible, responsible architecture.


Craig Dewar

Breakout session - 30 min

The foundation of developer productivity

Explore the quickest ways you can optimize your work. In this session, we’ll cover the development and testing tools that’ll help you use AI to automate faster and smarter. 

Magdalena Neagu

Magdalena Neagu

Breakout session - 30 min

Better process insights and business outcomes

This release is meant to simplify and deepen your overview of process, workforce, and automation insights. We introduce process modeling, workforce intelligence, and more capabilities for you to improve both manual and automated processes. 

yiannis broustas uipath

Yiannis Broustas

Breakout session - 30 min

Enterprise-grade cloud

In this release you'll experience great improvements to the Automation Cloud integrated operational and management components. Join the webinar to witness them first-hand and start running your automation program at a high scale with the simplicity of SaaS.  

Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson

See what's new in UiPath 2023.10

Join us for the unpacking of the latest UiPath capabilities!

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